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  • Ian francis - Best phone for the price

    You will not find a dual processor phone with a 1 gig of rom and 4 gigs of ram out there for just over $200.

  • Robert Brys Jr - Good/bad

    Not good for trail riding trees and thorns rip it right apart. As for open track riding it's awesome. Light weight and breathes easy.

  • dalepres - Has some great features, but...

    I bought this for my wife but she's not thrilled with it. It's a little heavy - perhaps twice the weight or more of the Voyager 520s she has used for years. It doesn't have the in-the-ear fitting, it's more up-to-the-ear. I think that will just take some getting used to.

  • Mystery Achiever - I purchased this about six months ago; used it ...

    I purchased this about six months ago; used it for about a month with no probem-- no results, but no problems. Then one morning I woke up with my entire neck and bright red and VERY itchy. Of course I quit using it, but it still took about three days for the rash to clear. Fast forward... Thinking (hoping, based on the ridiculous price) that maybe it wasn't the Sub D at fault, I tried it again. This time the itchiness returned with the first use. I am so mad- at myself for buying the hype and at the Perricone company for continuing to sell this stuff. Save your money.

  • msbooklady - Beware of Day 11 and Beyond

    I'm sitting here in the ER with my husband. We began Day 11 of the 24 Day Challenge today, which commenced our first day of multipacks. The heart palpitations, nausea, dizziness, and facial rash was severe enough that my husband requested 911 assistance. ER doctor is attributing his response to an overload of niacin. I did a search on this while waiting in the ER, and found a number of similar responses to the massive amounts of niacin in the vitamin pack/Spark combo. We purchased our products through an Advocare rep and have been coached through the process. However, no mention of possible side effects, though they are clearly documented online. Bottom line: It really is a good idea to check with your physician before beginning any diet or fitness program. Lesson learned, and Challenge terminated.

  • Mark Bautista - i love timbuk2 stuff

    i love timbuk2 stuff. very durable and stows away in my closet easily. i like the book bag straps. kinda wish it had a traditional over the shoulder duffel back strap.

  • Melissia Lenox - without hesitation, the best compilations of authors & stories

    This and other similarly named titles/series contain the best collections of writing in their genres. I have never been disappointed at the selection, number, or variety of authors or stories. Hours upon hours of reading enjoyment. Introduction to a vast number of newbie authors or authors that I have not read before or of whose work I was previously unaware. My highest recommedation to you.

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