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Country:, Europe, IT

City: 11.8833 Province of Arezzo, Italy

  • SassyMe - Hummm Supple

    This supplement drink for joint pain did not work for me at all. I drink one can every morning before going to work and for 2 weeks I still had joint pain. Will not purchase this product again.

  • Edward M. - ... is the original formula of BTT and is the best in my opinion

    This is the original formula of BTT and is the best in my opinion, it tastes better than the new formula and it mixes up better in any temp. water. The new formula has a terrible tart taste and leaves a bad after taste and is not a better value other than the makers being able to prove that all ingredients are organic, which they cannot attest to entirely for the old formula. This is a small detail that I am more than willing to overlook due to the mixing and taste issues. This stuff keeps me full of energy, keeps me from getting sick, and best of all helps me sleep better too.

  • RPaud - Nice little device!

    Although I had little issue getting connected in the cigarette lighter, I quickly figured it out. However, Steve (CEO) was too quick to provide me with the support. Although the mic on the device could be much better, it gets the work done. Its tiny, it connects with my phone pretty easily, charges my phone, I can hear GPS direction through car speakers. Perfect for me!

  • Clayton E. Harley - My #1 foil, the best!

    I couldn't live without this stuff. It's not only amazing and easy to use, it makes clean-up a breeze. You can even reuse it over and over.

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