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  • http://www.independentwestand.org/indies/ Indie Awards | Home - Maybe they pitched in to help clear the damage after a recent storm or made sure the neighborhood little league team had uniforms for the upcoming season. Or how about a locally owned business that went above and beyond to deliver great customer service? If so, we want to recognize and reward them as the best locally owned business in the country with the Independent We Stand Independent Small Business of the Year Award,
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  • bradd - Excellent quality for the price you pay

    totally does the job for the fraction of the price of other more expensive models. Owned a similar model for 6-7 years that just died. This one comes with a Li-ion battery, which makes a huge difference. Takes a while to charge; so need to plan accordingly.

  • CFam - Colorful book filled with images that are appealing to youngsters

    We just got this book today, and my 2 yo son loves it! We have other books from the author, so I knew the style/pictures are such that my son really enjoys looking at them. My son loves to point out pictures and have us tell him what it is, and I really do feel this will help him learn to talk more. I do like that the book is very colorful, so I am able to teach him colors as well. Another great book by Roger Priddy!

  • LILEO - Odd texture; bland, chalky flavor

    I'm sure this protein powder is very good for me, but it does not taste nearly as good as the whey protein product I usually use. I am on a dairy-free diet for several month and had to switch out my usual protein (with milk products) for this plant-based variety. The protein is gritty and chalky, even when mixed, in a blender, with almond milk and fruit. The powder has the consistency of very fine sand and becomes a sticky glue when wet (I have to scrape it off the sides of the blender before drinking). I am disappointed that the consistency and flavor are not up to par with a whey protein formula, but I will tough it out for the remainder of my diet.

  • Jamie2706 - AWFUL customer service

    Worst customer service I have ever worked with! When my treadmill was delivered they failed to include the nuts,bolts,wheels...etc. I called and they shipped them....10 days later I got them. BUT again, they did not give me all of the bolts to assemble the treadmill. I called again, I was told they would be shipped ASAP and I should have them in 2-3 business days. After a week of not receiving them I called again to find out that they were shipped that day regular mail. It's been 12 days and I STILL don't have them. I ordered my treadmill almost 2 months ago. It's turning into a joke. I spoke to a supervisor and all they keep telling me is, "there is nothing we can do". Save yourself a headache and DO NOT buy from Proform!

  • abigail marsh - pretty nice

    For as small as the container is, it will last you a really long time. It lasted a couple months for me since youre only supposed to use it at most 2 times a week. It makes my hair so soft and shiny, I absolutely loved it! Also, do NOT use it more than recommended, I used it 3 times and it really dried out my hair. Other than that its really nice

  • Amazon Customer - Money We'll Spent

    I purchase a lot from Amazon, and always, always, always pay attention to the reviews of other product users. I'm always apprehensive to try something new, but in this case...excellent choice! The cartridge was correct, and has worked flawlessly. I've printed near 200 pages so far, and no defects or problems have shown up. Who needs OEM branded cartridges, when there are excellent products like this, available for much less money??

  • L Williams - Hate it!!!

    All I want to do is download from my bank account and the new program won't do it. I had to add the same account again to get the download. Of course qb doesn't realize it's a duplicate account but the download transaction button appears but it still won't download. Says try again later or closes qb. This POS! is costing me so much time. I Freaking Hate it. This is my 3rd time I have been forced to update quickbooks so I can download from my bank and this is unbelievably bad. I was also forced to sign up online and give a bunch of information about my company to proceed.

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