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Infectious Disease Services of Georgia, P.C. - The Infectious Disease Services of Georgia has clinics located in Cumming, Johns Creek and Roswell Georgia and offers a comprehensive array of services for patients requiring the care and expertise of qualified Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease Specialists.

  • http://www.infectiousdiseaseservices.com/medical-services.php Our Services - Infectious Disease Services of Georgia, P.C. - The services provided include consultation and treatment, and when required intravenous antibiotics and immune globulin replacement. Additional specialty services include travel immunizations and wound management.
  • http://www.infectiousdiseaseservices.com/physicians.php Our Providers - Infectious Disease Services of Georgia, P.C. - Diplomates American Board of Internal Medicine and Diplomates in the Subspecialty of Infectious Disease
  • http://www.infectiousdiseaseservices.com/contact-us.php Contact Us - Infectious Disease Services of Georgia, P.C. - IDSGA is a medical services corporation created to provide state of the art medical care in a community setting.
  • http://www.infectiousdiseaseservices.com/wound-care.php Wound Care - Infectious Disease Services of Georgia, P.C. - Wound care is a complicated process that requires the service of many specialists. This includes Infectious Disease Physicians, Surgeons, Plastic Surgery, trained wound care nurses and sometimes other modalities such as hyperbaric oxygen.

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