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Informed Families - We are a Florida-based nonprofit that helps kids grow up safe, healthy and drug free by informing parents about relevant health topics and trends.

  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/about-us Informed Families: About Us - Informed Families is an education, training and support center for parents, schools and communities to help raise safe, healthy and drug-free children.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/about-us/board-of-trustees Informed Families: Board of Trustees - On this page you'll find information on the Informed Families Board of Trustees.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/about-us/presidents-biography President's Biography | Informed Families - Mrs. Sapp is President and CEO of Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership, an agency she helped to create 25 years ago.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/about-us/annual-report Informed Families: Annual Report - Every $1 invested in prevention saves $18 in treatment and other services. Check out the 2012 Annual Report below to see your dollars in action.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/prevention Informed Families: Prevention - Informed Families executes four prevention campaigns yearly: Family Day, The Red Ribbon Campaign, Lock Your Meds and Safe Homes, Smart Parties.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/campaigns/lock-your-meds Lock Your Meds - Be Aware. Don't Share - Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse. - Lock Your Meds is an Informed Families National Family Partnership Campaign designed to help prevent prescription drug abuse.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/campaigns/safe_homes informed Families: Safe Homes Smart Parties - The median age at which children begin drinking is 12, which is why it is never too early to discuss the idea of safe homes smart parties with your kids.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/campaigns/red-ribbon Informed Families: Red Ribbon Home Page - Whether you're already an Ambassador, an involved parent, or an educator, you can be a part of our Red Ribbon campaign.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/informed-families-news-and-events Informed Families: News and Events - Informed Families helps you stay on top of news, current events, and trends that could be affecting your children.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/ecat-archives eCatalyst Archives - Monthly e-mail that keeps parents informed and educated about news that affects the raising of happy, healthy and safe children in modern society.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/31-annual-dinner-at-joes-event-2016 Joe's 2016 - 31st Annual Dinner at Joe's Event - Generations of drug prevention supporters united to celebrate Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership’s 31st Annual Dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/events Informed Families: Events - Every month, Informed Families hosts community events, parent education and/or educator workshops to keep kids safe, healthy and drug free. View details here.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/resources Informed Families: Resources - Informed Families has resources available for parents, educators and students. View them here.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/community-connections Informed Families: Community Connections - Informed Families partners with local communities to bring four prevention campaigns to schools around Florida.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/educators Resources for Educators | Informed Families - Think of Informed Families as a partner in your endeavors to educate and help K-12 kids in Florida grow up safe, healthy and drug free.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/parents Resources for Parents | Informed Families - Parents are the number one reason why kids don’t do drugs. Think of Informed Families as your partner in your efforts to raise safe, healthy and drug free kids.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/students Informed Families: Students - Welcome Students, Informed Families is working to create a place where you can get your questions answered.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/webinars Informed Families: Webinars - Learn more about today's social norms and their impact on our kids by watching this video, presented by Peggy Sapp, Markham Cronin & Richard Dimarco Barea.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/parent-report-card Parent Report Card | Informed Families - Informed Families created the Parent Report Card to make parents aware of what they can do to further protect their children from using drugs and alcohol.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/parent-peer-groups Informed Families: Parent Peer Groups - Informed Families' Parent Pilot Kit is designed to educate and involve parents of pre-teens and teens in creating a safe, healthy, drug-free lifestyle.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/ambassador Informed Families: Learn About Our Ambassador Program - An Informed Families Ambassador is a person with a passion for making a difference in the lives of our youth.
  • https://www.informedfamilies.org/volunteers-signup Volunteer Sign-Up - Volunteer to spread the prevention message by assisting with four yearly campaigns.

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  • Angela - Nice recipes, a little too heavy on the homemade ice cram

    I thought this was a decent free download, especially for the pumpkin juice and sundae recipes. The lemon pie sundae was yummy if you like lemon. I purchased lemon curd here on Amazon. But, as other reviewers have mentioned, there are mainly lots of homemade ice cream recipies. Since I don't have an ice cream maker, those are not practical for me. But, overall,I still enjoyed this free edition.

  • Amazon Customer - daughter loves this~

    We bought this for our 5 yr old's birthday gift. She loves her dad's iPad so we figured she'd love this. In the month she has had this she has played with it a lot and so has her 9 yr old sister.

  • SuthrnCat - Dragons, space stuff, and nerds

    I want more in this world! I've reads all three of these this week and really enjoyed them. The world building is good, and although I'm not usually a fan of split perspective stories, it really works for this series. The author does a good job of switching between the characters and describing the interactions from the two perspectives. I've really enjoyed all three of these stories, and hope she has plans for more!

  • Carole Ann - Not what I needed

    I'm sending it back because I evidently misunderstood exactly WHAT the product was capable of. I need a program that converts VHS tapes to DVD's. It seemed to imply that. I must read more carefully. Mea culpa.

  • mkaquick - Love It!

    This stuff works! I used it where carpet shampooing just would not remove the cat pee smell and this was the only thing that worked. I really doused it down and the smell is gone. It took the entire bottle to do a walk in closet but it did the trick.

  • Kindle Customer - There be Dragons ahead!

    This book is a good book for young adults and the young at heart who like to read fantasy novels. If you have read about dragons before or want to learn their origins this book is a good start. It leaves you wanting to read more about these four young supernaturals and their lives ahead. Dragons, wolves, vampires, wizards, you name it. Romance is in the air, as well. Moving on to the next chapter...

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