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Country:, Europe, RU

City: 37.6184 Moscow, Russia

  • Karen - helpful and very informative

    I behave been pulling for 10 days and my allergies are much better already. My teeth were loose and hurting and the started tightening and my gums felt better after the first time.

  • Lumpy Golaf - Good spreader. Bad flow gate design.

    I used this spreader to cover crop 12 acres of orchard with clover seed. Spread was 20 feet plus, as promised, no clogging, the massive hopper was great, the lid is a little too tight to get on and off easily, but it works. The mounting plate was key, as it allowed me to improvise a mount to the bike rack of my Jeep. With a lighter cord extension for the power, it all worked. Would be a 5-star except for one big fault: The flow gate opening/closing mechanism is poorly designed. If you only want the gate all the way open with full flow, you will probably do OK, although the control arm and connectors look a little flimsy and don't inspire confidence. If you want to reduce the flow to 1/2, or 1/4 or 1/8, like I did, you can't start with the gate closed, because you have no way of knowing how wide you are opening it. The workaround for me was to simply set the gate, turn on the spreader, pour in the seed, and run back to the driver's seat and go. At 1/8 open, that worked fine for me with minimal waste.

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