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IRCELYON - Institut de recherches sur la catalyse et l'environnement de Lyon - Spécialiste en catalyse homogène, catalyse hétérogène, biocatalyse, photocatalyse, catalyse pétrolière, énergies nouvelles et biomasse, en gestion des déchets, dépollution de l'eau et de l'air, ingénierie et nouveaux matériaux appliqués à la modélisation moléculaire et à l'intensification des procédés, en science des surfaces et des interfaces, en dépollution automobile et en chimie atmosphérique. Synthèse de catalyseurs, tests catalytiques, réactions catalytiques, CPG SM, IR, UV, visible, Mössbauer, RMN, stm, afm, optimisation, avec des outils d'analyse, de caractérisation, de modélisation et de microscopie.

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 4.8518 Rhône, France

  • Jennifer T. - So convenient

    Love the way the coconut oil dispenses. Sometimes I have to warm the tube in my hand a bit, just because it's winter and has been so cold. But this is so easy to pack/carry around in my bag and the dispenser is more hygienic than dipping my hand into a jar of coconut oil.

  • Keith E. Keller - Gets boring, but results don't lie.

    I am through the alpha phase getting ready to start beta and I feel I have a grasp on how this plan works.

  • Stacey Magdaleno - Very helpful

    Definitely helped clean out my system. Helped with constipation. And overall made my insides feel better. I don't like that I have to take four pills. But this really works

  • Leanne Vogel - Leaders in the space

    A fabulous book from two brilliant leaders in the low-carb, fasting, ketogenic space. If you're looking to explore how fasting feels in your body, this book will give you a very, very solid foundation. And, there's recipes... which I wasn't expecting at all. They're great!

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