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  • Mike - Over "Hyped" Product

    I purchased the NuWave cooktop and the "free" induction compatible cookware. Per the instructions I seasoned the smaller, 9" fry pan; "...using vegetable oil and allow to heat on MED for 1-3 minutes". Ok, set temp to MED, place oiled pan on cooktop, set timer for three minutes. Before the three minutes was up I began to smell hot oil. I went to the kitchen and the oil had turned black, BURNT! I used my infrared thermometer and the fry pan surface was 515 degrees at it's coolest point, almost 550 in two other spots! My thought was how can indicated 275 degrees produce 550 degrees! By the way, I have been unable to remove the burned on oil from the pan, without using some sort of scouring steel wool, which I have NOT done. So, the pan is no longer non-stick. I used another induction compatible small sauce pot to make a gravy; once again, the temperature with an indicated 275 degrees was hot enough to burn the flour to the bottom of the sauce pot, the drippings I was using were that hot and nothing short of a steel wool soap pad would clean the sauce pot after that. Needless to say, the gravy was ruined. I did manage to steam some fresh vegetables without incident using the cooktop. I have put the cooktop away and I do not know when I will use it again. I have better temperature control with an electric range than I do with the NuWave cooktop.

  • Feelinggoodagain - Loved the result!

    I've been through countless weight loss supplements and had almost given up until I found Yoli. I not only look better then I have in years, but I also feel amazing.

  • Stephen - One of the best <$500 entry roadbikes

    For the price, the components on this bike are great. Assembly was tricky, but nothing I that even a normal person could do with some internet help. Brakes and derailleurs needed some adjustment but that should be expected. My main problem with the bike is the lack of kickstand. Having to lean the bike against a wall/fence has led to it falling down a few times already leading to a broken endcap.

  • Julie A Taylor - Excellent spooky book

    I loved this book. The characters were well developed and appropriately mysterious. The author kept you guessing as to what was going on. I really felt for the main character. The plot twists were excellent and kept you interested in what was really going on. For an avid reader like me I highly recommend this book.

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