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    In Missy Carter Roi Majors has met his match. Whle Missy appears to be a docile techie, she is actually a well trained operative. We learn a lot in this book about the teams and the women from the Asia project. Lots of action and adventure throughout the book. Well written and very entertaining to read.

  • Danielle Mcleod - Does what it says...

    I rarely review a product, but I felt I had to comment on this particular one. I am in my 30's and have always suffered from moderate to severe acne breakouts. As I got older it did improve somewhat but as a teacher I hated having worse skin than most of my students. Despite readimg negative reviews, I figured this product is still going strong after 10 years so why not at least try it. And I'm glad I did. My skin cleared up within 10 days and improvement was noticable on day 1. I get the occasional blemish still, but it clears up within days with the mask.

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    Ok... I have been taking these pills for 9 days. This is my personal experience with them as everyone is different. I started at 5'3, 120lbs; I already possessed a butt, BUT it was not as perky as it was prior to childbirth. I do pilates 4-5 times a week. I am not the most healthy of eaters; but not big on junk food either. Now for the pills...

  • Danny Angell - Smart Mix

    ordered it by mistake should have gotten SUPER MIX in stead, it is too weak a mixture will not order that again

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