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Blog Jean Souza - Blog de Currais Novos com notícias da cidade e região. - Melhor conteúdo sobre notícias da cidade e região sendo o Blog de Currais Novos referência na região do Seridó e Trairí. Clique aqui e confira as notícias!

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  • a reader - Don't believe the hype

    This book does its readers a tremendous disservice. I expect that statistics courses at Stanford Business School (where the author used to teach), like everywhere else, teach that correlation is not causality. This book, however, is a collection of correlations presented as having causal relationships. But wait - it gets worse. The gross selection bias throughout the book guarantees that the companies identified as "great" appear to be, while the so-called comparision companies give the illusion of a control group. Don't be fooled. This is pseudo-science couched in management-speak. Once you've seen through this silliness, you're left with little more than conventional wisdom about good management (do what you're passionate about, get the right people on board) that, while possibly true, is unsubstantiated by any of the "data" presented in the text.

  • Sherri - amazing!

    This stuff is amazing. I have fine, thin, dry hair and I use this after I have blown my hair dry. You will put it on and think "dear God I have oily hair" but it evaporates and leaves your hair shinny and light. I even use it on my 7 year old son and he loves the feel of it. My hair is so shinny and feels so healthy. Sometimes at night I will use it before bed to give myself a scalp massage, my hair is really fine and I am loosing it on top, and this just works it's magic. My hair is now healthy shinny and it is even starting to feel thicker. Very worth the money.

  • MaxPayne - Awesome flashlight for short - medium purpose use

    This flashlight is a little bit longer that the original PD32 but makes up for that with its extra power. The light is a clear white light (no bluish tint) and also the beam has a big spread (not very focused but more spread out). Due to the bigger spread, it does not travel as far as other flashlights. I like this light for indoor use, around the house, garage etc and would make an excellent light for searching for things due to the large area it lights up. If you don't need to light up objects at a far distance this would make a perfect EDC light and i highly recommend. If you are looking for a outdoor, long-range flashlight, look into the TK22.

  • Mike S. - Show is still good, lack of blu-ray still sucks

    +++Warning, this will contain some spoilerish material from previous seasons, but no major giveaways from season 5. If you have not seen the prior seasons proceed at your own risk. +++

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