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  • alex - Needs instructions

    I bought these for my daughter they are cute and fit will and comfy but they came with no instructions and some how my daughter managed to change the lights to light up two colors at once on one shoe she's not sure how she did it and now only the back is lighting up on one shoe and I can't get it to go back to normal not sure if they are messed up or just she put them into some weird setting!! Need to do some more research to find out if I need to return them or not

  • Carolyn C. Cramer - Very good value / suitable

    Very good value / suitable, stable for light & medium weights / might not be as suitable if using heavy weight - say above 300/400 pounds or so but for the average purchaser this rack is more than sufficient. Decent finish. I have used primarily for squat rack.

  • M. S. Mariano - Smells really good but after opening it easily loses the scent doesn't ...

    Smells really good but after opening it easily loses the scent doesn't last more than 6 months. Also noticeable change in the consistency it becomes watery after 6 months, which is not good since a big tube like this should last you for a year or so.

  • Motty Chen - ... same eye serum for over a year and I love it. This time I decided to order it ...

    Ive been using the same eye serum for over a year and I love it. This time I decided to order it for cheaper online, but it had a strong smell that non of the serums I have used before have had. It must be euther old, spoiled or fake. I am not going to use it on my skin!

  • BettyWoap - light microfiber for on the go

    This towel does a great job as an addition to my yoga workout. I keep it with me as I do Hot Yoga to soak up all the perspiration from the heated room. The towel comes with instructions on how to get it to peak performance, and I suggest doing these to help your towel grip and absorb. Unlike any other microfiber that I have ever owned, this one does not snag on my fingers and such. I am really wishing no that I had gotten the larger towel to be able to use it as a yoga mat topper. This one just isn't big enough to cover the entire mat, but it does do a great job at holding my sweaty palms in place instead of slipping all over the mat. However, the size does work out great when I am on the disc golf course because it fits right into the pocket of my bag. It is very useful on hot muggy Tennessee days playing disc golf. I would recommend this towel to anyone that is needing an absorbent, soft, sleek, stylish towel for any of your gripping needs, whether it be in your yoga class or wiping your hands to throw a frisbee, this towel does a great job. My favorite quality of the towel is that it doesn't leave a soaking wet cotton towel in your bag weighing you down because it is so super light microfiber that you can just ring out and be on your way.

  • jordan - Find something better.

    These shoes are way cute but really cheap looking. Not what I expect from Nike or from the price. The shoes are a little narrow on me as I generally have more wide feet and they're really tough on my arches.

  • Pixie8 - Wonderful insomnia aid

    I suffer from terrible insomnia. I know this is in large part due to the fact that my husband has to sleep with the TV on all night and I do very poorly with that. I only sleep in the dark with the TV off I like silence and pitch black but he needs that you found so I make that sacrifice. I refuse to take sleeping pills because I don't like the after-effects and I need to be able to wake up without being groggy in the middle of the night because I have small children. These have proven to be a fantastic alternative and I take them about 40 minutes before bedtime and as soon as I lay down I fall asleep very easily. I wake up in the morning feeling rested I am not groggy or hard to Rouse and anyway. In the middle of the night if my toddler gets up I'm able to wake up easily without the effects of a normal sleeping pill. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a natural alternative to a sleeping pill and struggles with insomnia.

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