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California Karelians: Bear Dogs in action - Fun slideshows of Karelian Bear Dogs and puppies. See them in action in the great outdoors.

  • http://www.karelianbeardog.us/fq_about.html California Karelians: Frequently Asked Questions about the breed - Tips on outdoor safety, travel safety, and health care for Karelian Bear Dogs. Photos, slideshows and much more
  • http://www.karelianbeardog.us/kbd_about.html California Karelians: About the Karelian Bear Dog Breed - Karelian Bear Dogs are a primitive breed known for large predator protection and hunting instincts.
  • http://www.karelianbeardog.us/outdoor_about.html California Karelians: Outdoor adventures with our dogs - Karelian Bear Dogs outdoors: on the hiking trail, performing agility, training for K9 search and rescue. Photos, slideshows.
  • http://www.karelianbeardog.us/ck_about.html California Karelians: Karelian Bear Dog kennel - Dedicated to the preservation of the Karelian Bear Dog as a unique and primitive breed. Photos, slideshows and much more
  • http://www.karelianbeardog.us/primitive_ancienthistory.html California Karelians: Ancient history of Karelian Bear Dog Breed - Karelian Bear Dogs are descendents of the spitz-type hunting dogs that lived 2000 years ago. Photos.
  • http://www.karelianbeardog.us/kbd_science.html The science of heredity that "created" dogs - The role of science and selective breeding in the creation of domesticated dogs.
  • http://www.karelianbeardog.us/primitive_lifeas.html California Karelians: Life as a primitive hunting dog - What life was like for the first Karelian Bear Dogs who lived many years ago. Photos.
  • http://www.karelianbeardog.us/primitive_preserve.html California Karelians: Prserving primitive dogs - How cultured breeds differ from primitive dogs, and why primitive dogs are valued today. Photos.

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    City: -117.1324 California, United States

  • Cindy - 3 Weeks and no Results yet?

    I have been using Lifecell for 3 weeks today applying it in the morning and night but have not seen any results yet. My skin is on the drier side so this does not hydrate well enough and leaves my skin feeling dry and it is now flaking in spots. They say you are suppose to feel a tingling where I have not felt that at all.

  • Jonathan C. Ross - Fits like a glove

    I had the common 7' garage door clearance and my original went boing everytime I was pulling out of the garage. Well this solves it, and works great. No complaints.

  • Jon Y. - Mystery fluid

    Not sure what this stuff is or why it works, but it does. I had a 1986 Honda Shadow that had a hard time starting up, and it would randomly choke out and die sometimes. Mechanic said I might need a carb job (super expensive, you have to dismantle the bike). I threw in some Seafoam (full can into an empty tank, just before refueling). Bike ran like new. HOW?

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