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Dr Kare Tang | Cardiologist Colchester, Essex | Heart Disease - Dr Kare Tang is a consultant cardiologist in Colchester, Essex and London. Experienced in broad areas of cardiology, cardiac prevention and rehabilitation.

  • http://www.karetang.co.uk/online.html Online Appointment | Dr Kare Tang | Cardiologist London, Essex - To request an appointment, please enter the information and press the “Submit” button when you are through.
  • http://www.karetang.co.uk/cardiologist-colchester-essex.html Dr Kare Tang | Cardiologist London | Heart Disease Colchester, Essex - Dr Kare Tang is a consultant cardiologist, he offers cardiology services like heart failure, hypertension & coronary artery disease in Essex, London & Colchester.
  • http://www.karetang.co.uk/staff.html Staff | Dr Kare | Cardiologist Essex | Heart Attack Symptoms London - Dr Kare Tang is a consultant cardiologist in Essex, London & Colchester. Check to know Dr Kare staff information.
  • http://www.karetang.co.uk/contact-us.html Contact Us | Dr Kare Tang | Cardiologist Essex | Atrial Fibrillation London - Dr Kare Tang provides cardiology conditions treatment and procedures in Essex, London & Colchester. For all appointments, please call 07920 111537.
  • http://www.karetang.co.uk/services.html Services | Arrhythmia Essex | Coronary Artery Disease London - Hypertension treatment, coronary artery disease and heart failure, arrhythmia are the cardiology services offered by Dr Kare in Essex, London & Colchester.
  • http://www.karetang.co.uk/multimedia.html Multimedia Health Education | Cardiology Colchester, Essex - Check the links to view Multimedia Health Education videos on cardiology conditions, Dr Kare performs heart surgery in Colchester, Essex and London.
  • http://www.karetang.co.uk/conditions-treatments.html Heart Disease Colchester, Essex | Heart Attack Symptoms London - Dr Kare is a consultant cardiologist, performs cardiology conditions treatment and procedures in Colchester, Essex and London. Check to know more information.
  • http://www.karetang.co.uk/preparing-surgery.html Surgery Procedure | Cardiologist Colchester, Essex | Dr Kare - Dr Kare Tang is a consultant cardiologist in Colchester, Essex and London. Navigate to know surgery procedures information.
  • http://www.karetang.co.uk/faq.html Faqs | Dr Kare Tang | Heart Specialist Cardiologist | Heart Surgery London - Faqs, find relevant answers to most of your queries here. Check to know more information.
  • http://www.karetang.co.uk/coronary-angioplasty-and-stenting.html Angioplasty Essex | Angioplasty Procedure London | Heart Stent Colchester - Angioplasty is the surgical procedure that is performed to widen these blocked or narrowed arteries. Dr Kare performs this surgery in Essex, London & Colchester.
  • http://www.karetang.co.uk/arrhythmias.html Arrhythmia Colchester | Arrhythmia Treatment Essex, London - Arrhythmia Treatment is offered by Dr Kare Tang in Colchester, Essex and London. Check to know arrhythmia causes, symptoms & treatment info.
  • http://www.karetang.co.uk/coronary-angiography.html Coronary Angiography Colchester, Essex | Dr Kare Tang - Coronary angiography is a test that uses dye and special x rays to show the insides of your coronary arteries, Dr Kare offers this procedure in Colchester, Essex and London.
  • http://www.karetang.co.uk/cardioversions.html Cardioversion Colchester, Essex | Cardioversion Procedure London - Cardioversion Procedure can restore a fast or irregular heartbeat to a normal rhythm. Dr Kare performs this procedure in Colchester, Essex and London.
  • http://www.karetang.co.uk/valvular-heart-disease-colchester-essex.html Valvular Heart Disease Colchester | Valvular Heart Disease Treatment Essex - Valvular heart disease occurs when your heart valves do not function properly. Dr Kare offers valvular heart disease treatment in Colchester, Essex and London.
  • http://www.karetang.co.uk/permanent-pacemaker.html Pacemaker Colchester | Heart Pacemaker Essex | Pacemaker Surgery London - A pacemaker is a small device inserted into the chest cavity to correct and stabilize the heart rhythm. Dr Kare Tang offers pacemaker surgery in Essex, London.

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