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  • Jeanie Hartranft - HEY! IT'S FREE!

    This book is what it claims to be: 10 summer recipes from the bigger cookbook. That's it! And it's FREE! I have kids DYING to try the Butterscotch Brew and some others look fun. The format gives the kids an excerpt from the book as a reminder of where Harry and the crew were consuming these treats at the top of each new recipe. It even gives a reference to the book and book chapter so the kids can go look it up!

  • Tini - SMell pretty good do and It makes it easier for me ...

    This really helps my aching muscles as I am an active lifter. SMell pretty good do and It makes it easier for me to relax instead of having tight muscles. I love the container it comes in as I do with all of Baebody's products. It came wrapped in bubble wrap for saftey which I greatly appreciate. I received this product at a discount for my unbiased review

  • David - I was so hoping this would fix my problem.

    I got this to fix a leak in my 20x40 pool. I have followed the instructions and everyone's hints, but I still have a water loss. I am losing from 1-2 inches of water a day. I will have to let the pool lose the water until it stabilizes and then search that water line for any holes or cracks.

  • C. Sim - Great look, terrible instructions

    Here's the deal - I give this a 5 star for looks and a 1 star for installation instructions and price (average of 3). The instructions are bad drawings only - you should take a look at a video on you tube before you install - that will save you a lot of time. This looks great and dresses up the Jeep, but at $100, it's really over priced.

  • NMKITTY - Not For Me

    I have used other lash growth products and seen pretty good results, but Bang eyelash growth serum sounded liked it combined the best of all the eyelash growth ingredients. Used it faithfully for just over 4 weeks, and unfortunately it did nothing for my lashes. It did STING my eyes like crazy each and every time I applied it, but the stinging faded after 60 seconds if I blotted the corners of my eyes with a tissue. I tried the hint in one of the comments about fanning my eye until the product dried, but that didn't work either. Seriously, the stinging was so bad, I had to wait a minute to apply it to eye#2 because I could not SEE out of the eye I just applied the product to. It didn't seem to cause any redness or long-lasting discomfort to my eyes, and I had an ophthalmologist's appointment 1 week after I began using the product and she didn't ask my what awful thing I had been doing to my eyes, so I soldiered on, hoping it would work....but no, I'm done.

  • Erika - Defined and moisturized curls

    I just began using Kinky-Curly curling custard and it is AMAZING! It doesn't leave my hair feeling crunchy and dry like gels and one application can last me for a few days if I wear the appropriate cap at night. DO NOT pay 79.99 for this product though! It is much cheaper on the Kinky-Curly website and you can buy it at Whole Foods for about $30USD for the 16 oz. jar. I don't know where Amazon came up with this price, but I hope that's not what you paid for it. I'm really enjoying the product so far.

  • Gwen - Great book!!

    Liam Axton is a business man. He has his hands in a few things here and there. He is also a bookie. When Richard Turner comes in to place a bet and loses, then instead of coming in to pay he wants to double down Liam does something unexpected. He gives Richard the money. Richard told him that he needed the money, he has cancer, needs the money for treatment even though the doctor's tell him it's too late. He has a daughter in college that needs him. Richard returns with the deed to a house and doesn't let up until Liam accepts it. The home is located right next door and eventually leads to Liam becoming a friend and caregiver. He is there for Richard as his health declines. He is there when Richard passes away.

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