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  • Patricia Dupree - Act user for years

    I have used Act for years and the only thing I can't figure out is how to custom the labels like I was able to do before. Otherwise I love it.

  • weave - Office Home & Business 2013 Key Card 1PC/1User

    Even though it was not obvious how this worked, or even that the download occurred, now that I have figured it out, it is just what was advertised, though now box came, and as I said, there were no directions. Though once downloaded, Microsoft has a lot of help to walk anyone through the installation process, and update what is new and different

  • K. Jack, EFL Instructor - Assembling the fllo was easy, but the instruction booklet is definitely needed to ...

    I live in a country where high speed accidents are the norm. For this reason I got a fllo shipped in so I could put my three year old back to rear-facing. Assembling the fllo was easy, but the instruction booklet is definitely needed to install the seat properly. It took me about 20 minutes to install it. Now that it is in, I absolutely love it and so does my son which is why we went out and got a second shipped in for his twin. We expect to have both boys rear-facing until they are five, maybe six, in the seats. The twins have an older brother who is six and he just met the maximum weight for rear-facing.

  • gqjeff - Sleek and sexy new look with the sharkfin.

    Added this to our new R/T Durango. Its gives the truck such a better look without any loss of reception. Every car should come with these. Its almost 2014...

  • Matrix - This game should be called SimTowns........

    So I took the bait. Even after all the research I did on other Simcity forums from those who played beta I bought the game.

  • rosewood - Too expensive and does not work

    I have tried several of their products and will not be buying it anymore. First off, it is expensive, but if it did what it says it did, I could over look the cost. The PRIME90 (Vanilla) tastes terrible, it has a very strong aftertaste. If you mix it with a lot of different things it is bearable but then it becomes time consuming. SMART MIX & SUPERMIX - taste is not bad but does leave a vitamin aftertaste. XM PLUS - same as the supermix regarding taste etc, did not notice any energy benefits. XM AM and XM PM - no noticable benefit. The powder drink supplement mixes (supermix, smart mix, xm plus) they all do not mix well and need constant shaking or stirring,they settle to the bottom of your glass. The only product that works is the PREMIUM TEA- beware do not drink it every day, you will have the same effect as a laxative if not careful, the taste is not too bad. I did not notice any energy or weight loss as they advertise. The only way I would notice any nutritional benefits possible would be with blood work. I would go to a local health food or nutrion store instead of using this product, it will be cheaper to do that.

  • R. M. Mayhew - It's Hotel California

    The problem with ACT is you can check in, but it's darn near impossible to check out (thus the Hotel California reference). I went from being one of the top fans of ACT to a very unsatisfied user. My guess is, the good reviews here are from new customers. If you install ACT "fresh" and enter all your information from scratch it may work well. My problem has been upgrading, which has not gone well. The challenge is, if you choose to leave ACT you probably can't get all of your information out of it. Most of the ACT conversion programs (and you have to wonder why companies would be writing programs to get information out of ACT...) can't get everything converted. During one attempt to "check out" of ACT the conversion process lost information I only had stored in ACT. It's easy to get the name, address, etc. (basic info) out, but other items may not be recoverable.

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