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Know The Cause - Doug Kaufmann - Know The Cause, hosted for 13 years by Doug Kaufmann, is a privately syndicated, national television show airing throughout America.

  • http://www.know-the-cause.com/index.php/get-started Get Started Anti fungal Phase One Diet - Anti Fungal Diet. We have long called our phase one diet an "experimental diet." Many people are amazed at how much better
  • http://www.know-the-cause.com/index.php/get-started/about-doug-kaufmann About Doug Kaufmann | The Fungus Link to Ill Health - TV host & author Doug Kaufmann, has written 9 books on the subject of fungus (Candida) and ill health. Including The Fungus Link Series
  • http://www.know-the-cause.com/index.php/watch Watch the latest videos on knowthecause.com - See all of the latest Episodes of Know The Cause and the brand new show from Doug Kaufmann: Doug's Daily Take.
  • http://www.know-the-cause.com/index.php/watch/know-the-cause Know The Cause Latest Episodes | knowthecause.com - Watch the latest episodes of Know The Cause hosted by Doug Kaufmann. Health, Fitness Phase One Diet, Learn about the Fungus Link
  • http://www.know-the-cause.com/index.php/watch/dougs-daily-take Dougs Daily Take | knowthecause.com - In the very first episode of Dougs Daily Take, Doug and Scott introduce you to the show and what they hope it will accomplish.
  • http://www.know-the-cause.com/index.php/watch/cancer-connection Cancer Connection - Jenny Hrbacek RN, Author of Cancer Free Are Your Sure? usefull tips on supplements, Cancer Fighting Foods and much more
  • http://www.know-the-cause.com/index.php/podcast Know The Cause Podcast with Doug Kaufmann - Know The Cause Podcast with host Doug Kaufmann. Discussing Candida/Fungus and how it relates to your health.
  • http://www.know-the-cause.com/index.php/health-blog Health Blog - Know The Cause with Doug Kaufmann - Hundreds of blog articles by Doug Kaufmann, Kyle Drew, Luke Curtis MD also recipes by Denni Dunham and Kristin Kons.
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  • http://www.know-the-cause.com/index.php/recipes Anti Fungal Phase One Recipes Diet Recipes - Anti Fungal Diet. Check out the latest Phase One/Phase Two recipes from Doug Kaufmann, Denni Dunham and Kristin Kons!
  • http://www.know-the-cause.com/index.php/our-advertisers Advertisers - Sponsors page on Know The Cause - Video segments from the television show Know The Cause. More information about our sponsors and their products.
  • http://www.know-the-cause.com/index.php/fungus-link-stomach The Fungus Link To Stomach & Intestinal Disorders - stomach problems been diagnosed as Crohn’s Disease, Diverticulitis, or Ulcerative colitis? Many gastroenterologists believe that stomach and intestinal disorders are due to bacteria
  • http://www.know-the-cause.com/index.php/cancer One Mans Hypothesis On The Cause Of Cancer - Dreaded 3 words, “you have cancer,” my first question would be, “doctor, what caused my p53 gene to mutate? Why didn’t it protect me?
  • http://www.know-the-cause.com/index.php/contributor-blog/39-michael-smith/4026-sticking-to-your-diet-with-easy-food-substitutions Sticking To Your Diet With Easy Food Substitutions - Ridding your diet of grains and grain-laden foods is one of the most difficult tasks adherents of the Kaufmann Diet are asked to do
  • http://www.know-the-cause.com/index.php/contributor-blog/39-michael-smith/3991-candida-auris-a-new-fungal-superbug Candida Auris – A New Fungal Superbug - Candida auris was first discovered in Japan in 2009, but has since been found in countries all over the world. Like other fungi, C. auris is extremely opportunistic. Like other superbugs

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  • Shirley Winship - A great book to recommend to my clients !

    I teach QuickBooks Seminars and recommend this book to the people that attend them. It starts with the fundamentals and builds to include useful information for anyone using QuickBooks. It is a great resource to have while learning QuickBooks and it becomes a good reference for people to have when they get stuck on an area or problem. Bonnie Biafore did an excellent job !

  • PAPASTAG - Tastes great, convenient packaging, and works well to control appetite

    I find these drink packets to be preferable to the squeeze bottles that are becoming popular, as the squeeze bottles (like Stur or Mio) generally, in my opinion, take too much to create a decent flavor, and do too little to control appetite. These IdealBoost packets are very flavorful and generally do work to control hunger for a period of 2-3 hours per drink. As with all good things, there is a slight catch you might want to be aware of before purchasing.

  • Will013 - Nice quality cup and lid - straw is a nice ...

    Nice quality cup and lid - straw is a nice bonus that I don't personally use. I've compared this side by side next to a co-workers Yeti. While the Yeti does insulate slightly better - the price difference would make me pick this one every time.

  • Fiona - There are wall mount more sturdy out there

    I got this for my 47" tv. I had experience in mounting tv on the wall. I think this wall mount, comparing the ones I had used before, is relatively flimsy. I got some snap toggle to be used instead or on top of the fasteners comes with it for the dry wall.

  • Sara Norred - I can't believe how GREAT this book was

    I can't believe how GREAT this book was!!! Now the bad part is I have to wait for another to come out/ :( That is a bummer. I read a lot and don't find very many that I want to give 5 stars. But if I could give it more, I most definetly would! Keep up the amazing work!! I'm patiently waiting..... Or at least I'm trying to!

  • Luz F - They tout so many good ingredients, but the bad ingredients cancels the good ...

    I started using this shampoo couple 2-3 weeks ago and my scalp is very itchy and my hair is falling off more than before. I don't know if it's all the chemicals in it. They tout so many good ingredients, but the bad ingredients cancels the good ones out. I do not recommend it to anyone.

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