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Labor Value Rx: Bringing Better Benefits to American Workers - Built by labor, for labor. This transparent solution reduces your drug spend while maintaining the brand, coverage and service is a must-have in the labor space

  • http://www.laborvaluerx.com/member/ Member | Labor Value Rx - At Labor Value Rx, we believe that a well educated member is a healthier member. We focus on member education and ways to maximize the value of your
  • http://www.laborvaluerx.com/about-us/ About Labor Value Rx | Labor Value Rx - Labor Value Rx was founded to fill a need. This need came directly from Taft Hartley funds who told us their existing Prescription Benefit Manager (PBM)
  • http://www.laborvaluerx.com/client/ Client | Labor Value Rx - Labor Value Rx is an independent, privately owned PBM, not financially invested in drug manufacturing, retail or mail order pharmacies. This enables us to
  • http://www.laborvaluerx.com/plan-sponsors/ Plan Sponsors | Labor Value Rx - We work with labor funds to better understand their plan design, their spend, and how these play into their overall benefit strategies. Then we diagnose any
  • http://www.laborvaluerx.com/brokers-consultants/ Brokers & Consultants | Labor Value Rx - We commonly distribute our product among brokers and consultants of all kinds. Especially among your customers that are not fully-insured, we can work within

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  • Sue Peters - Good video and sound so far

    Good video and sound so far. No issues with zoom. Had to get technical help once and they helped me in time to join my class.

  • William Flynn - This charger works like a charm

    This charger works like a charm. The design is sleek and functional. Charges through my case without issue. It wirelessly fast charges perfectly. Even though fast wireless charging is slower that fast wired charging it is still pretty fast. It's a nice touch that the charging lights go off after ten seconds and it makes no sounds. I can actually use the charger in my bed room.

  • K. Olson - Watch your scratches disappear before your eyes

    Used this on a 3-foot scratch down the side of my car. Not sure how it happened. One of those parking lot mysteries. It wasn't too deep, but deeper than just a standard polish could fix. Could not believe my eyes as the scratch literally disappeared before my eyes during the buffing step. Wow! Absolutely thrilled with the results.

  • Indigestion is most often caused by too little acid! - Indigestion is most often caused by too little acid!

    Hard to believe, but true - at least in my particular case and, in the authors' opinion, about 90% presenting with indigestion.

  • ManaY - Great oil

    This 100% pure organic castor oil shipped super fast and arrived just as expected. This is a good size bottle. I love that it comes with the little combs as pictured. These are great for putting a small amount on your hair and brushing through. You can use castor oil for all kinds of things. This is just why I got this. This is pure and organic so the process to package it is safer for me to use. The dropper is super helpful to dose also when used as a carrier oil with my essential oils. I like this as an overall moisturizer and would recommend.

  • om mamma - ... supplement in conjunction with Vitamonk's Uridine capsules for the greatest effect and so far I have been handling it ...

    I've been taking this supplement in conjunction with Vitamonk's Uridine capsules for the greatest effect and so far I have been handling it well. I love that this company is so on the cutting edge of nutritional science! We are just starting to learn how much more is possible in the field of neuroplasticity than we ever dreamed before and it is exciting to see new therapies being developed all the time. I really do hope that supplements like this one are able to help me and others maintain and protect our mental capacities well into the future. These capsules are simple to swallow and the quality seems excellent to me, I would definitely consider buying supplements from this brand again.

  • Melanie - Fascinating

    Extremely well written-so logical and easy to understand. No gimmicks, no sales pitch, no mass marketing. Incredible "aha" moment for me. Can't wait to finish reading and then try this simple therapy. I am 90% sure I will be buying numerous copies to give as gifts!!! (Especially to my Lyme friends.)

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