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Welcome to Lake Forest College - Located 30 miles north of Chicago, Lake Forest College offers students a world-class education and the skills they need for success after college. ...

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    City: -87.8717 Illinois, United States

  • Cindy Foreman - NEW!!!

    I loved this new and lengthened version of Lukian and Perren's story . I'm bummed the others are not out so I can re-read them right now!!

  • Garth Kilmer - Comprehensive!

    I used Excel 6 years ago when I worked. I had multi-sheet spreadsheets and had cell populating and doing mathematical computations based on entries into other spread sheets. then those figures were translated to graphs on yet another sheet. So back again to using excel and the book; I have been able to find everything I have wanted to do so far. My only caveat is: I don't know how this book will do for a beginner since I have not used it in that manner. I, am totally satisfied with it!

  • Nancy Higgs - Welcome reunion

    It was wonderful to spend a few hours with these characters who seem like old friends. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Dan Kelley - Worthless

    Cannot get the update to install. Was told by H&R Block that I would have to buy new software and cannot return this because it is over thirty days old. What a waste!!!!!!!

  • Mommy shopper - Poorly made kit

    Avoid like the plague. I was given two of these one for each of my children (8 and 11). The plan was that I would assist my 8 year old in construction while my 11 year old would follow along on her own...fat chance. The first step is winding the coil around toilet paper roll which requires a ton of patience and a steady hand. My 11 tried but ultimately gave up about half way after she slipped and the whole thing came unwound and got tangled. She's out. She resigns to watching me work on the 8 year old's set and after 20 minutes of careful winding (and a hand cramp to go with it) I was able to complete the coil.

  • Todd H. - Good when it works.

    This product is great when it's applied properly, and horrible when not. Rust-Oleum should manufacture a brush and roller that can withstand the strength of this product....or they should recommend a specific brand of what you should use. There are too many options for the consumer to choose from, that are not suitable for this product as brushes and rollers go. I think it's ridiculous that they just expect you to "figure it out. "

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