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Lancaster Area Celiacs - Welcome - Lancaster Area Celiacs meets several times a year to discuss and learn more about Celiac Disease. We discuss restaurants, share recipes, purchase products from gluten-free vendors, try their free samples, and listen to speakers discussing relevant topics on everything from Celiac research to how to bake with gluten-free flours. We have a Facebook group, publish a newsletter, run R.O.C.K sessions for kids and Celiac 101 classes for newly diagnosed adults.

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  • Rebecca - Two complaints

    This game is a ton of fun, and I use it to get a work out. It's not very hard to set up. I have two major complaints, however, which made me lower the stars. First, there's no level settings. So you're thrown right into dancing without any beginner mode, which can be kind of disorienting and difficult. You do get the hang of it relatively quickly though. My second complaint is that there aren't enough songs. What they have is good, but you really have to sign up for the paid service to get the best songs, which I didn't know ahead of time.

  • erin - I personally love this product

    I find it interesting no one is reviewing the product as bought from Amazon, at least the 10-15 reviews I read were about being drawn into an orogold store. That being said I felt the need to review this product.

  • xaurelie - Much Improved!

    Not the top of the line, but these are MUCH better than the Classic. They grip onto your teeth so you have to really pull to get them off. The gel works just as well as the Classic but because it stays on better, it has more time to work. With the Classic I always felt like the gel would foam up and slide off my teeth, and I'd have to spit it out. The Advanced Seal keeps it all on the teeth where it should be. These are definitely worth the price difference over the Classic!

  • Farns418 - Get this book now!

    Absolutely hysterical, I can't ever get my fill of these comics and love how creative, witty, and smart they are..

  • K. Garst - High Quality and Beatutiful design for THIRTY YEARS! Can't ask for better than that1

    I have purchased this calendar for myself and a cadre of close friends since the early 1980's. I LOVE this calendar, and the extra information about apogees and perigrees is also interesting. I finally got smart and had a silver frame made which I slide out the old calendar (which mades great gift wrapping paper) and slide in the new. Makes great art on m;y wall. For those who don't have the wall-space, go for the Moon Maggies instead.

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