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Intersal, Inc. - Intersal, Inc. In the search for El Salvador, a richly laden Spanish merchant ship, Intesal founder Philip Masters conducted research in various American and European libraries. Masters' research indicated that El Salvador was lost near Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina, sunk in a hurricane in August of 1750. With permits from the state of North Carolina, Masters made it his mission to find the Spanish galleon. However, during the initial search for El Salvador, Masters learned of another ship that had perished off the North Carolina coast.The ship was Queen Anne's Revenge, the flagship of the pirate Blackbeard. Given the historical value of QAR, Masters put the search for El Salvador on hold, determining that QAR was of such historical importance that it simply had to be found. And in 1996 Intersal found Queen Anne's Revenge. And after several years of working with the State to preserve and protect QAR, Intersal returned to the search for El Salvador. Sadly, Phil Masters passed away in 2007 after a long battle with cancer. We miss him greatly. And today, in his honor, Intersal has resumed the search for the missing treasure ship, El Salvador.

  • http://www.lat3440.com/index.php/qar/queen-anne-revenge Queen Anne's Revenge - Intersal Inc discovers Queen Anne's Revenge, the pirate Blackbeard's flagship.

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  • Nonvolatilelife - How do you have NOTHING on Stuttgart?

    How do you have NOTHING on Stuttgart? Wish they had a list of cities this book covers for people who buy it

  • Absolut Amazon - Super Easy!

    I got these for my Son, he has been wanted them since the neighbors got theirs last year. They are so simple, instant decoration! It would be nice if you could change the colors though. I was not paid to write this review; however, I received the product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All statements and opinions are strictly my own and in no way influenced by the seller or the fact that I received the product at a discount. I was given ample time to evaluate the product and under no pressure to review in less time than needed. Based on my experience, with the specific product I have received, I would recommend this product to family and friends. If any information in my initial review changes through the course of time, I intend to update the review to reflect any updates. I hope you found my review helpful and I welcome any questions to further assist.

  • Dude - I'm only on day four but I love this stuff

    <3 <3 I can feel it working...I'm only on day four but I love this stuff!!! I mean I think even when I do get rid of my acne I will keep using it just to insure I never break out again. Thank you Dan. Amazing product line and I wish you all the best. When you follow the regimen you will notice results after a few days. Be patient and its not possible not to notice results from week one. Hope it works for everyone as it has for me :)

  • Chad A. Graham - My PC Gaming Setup

    Bought this to go in a bedroom, mounted on the wall as a secondary monitor for PC gaming. Have only had it for a few days but it is a pretty good TV. Mine is the 39inch. These are the settings I used to get a good PC Gaming picture:

  • Dennis K. - Black Beauty grass seed

    So far so good I seeded my yard this fall and watered the seed daily to keep it moist and used line and starter fertilizer. I have received many compliments so far and the lawn is only 2 months old. I used this last bag to reseed over several thin areas in the new lawn.

  • Innoculo - As filling as Cotton Candy

    After playing through to the space age, it's not a very appealing game for adults who are looking for something to sink their hard earned free time into. The whole idea of bringing a civilization into existence from a single cell is intriguing. However, there is no meat or thinking required in the game at all. It's like 4 mediocre games rolled into one. It is very very easy for the most part, there is no effect game wise to any adaptations you make to your creatures except the flying ability I guess which is purely eye candy.

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