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  • LeahMaria - Good for health, not necessarily a weight loss product

    Wow does this stuff work! I did NOT lose any weight which is what I was hoping for but it definitely functioned as a colon cleanser. I think it is super healthy for people to use a cleanser every couple of months to keep your body and digestion healthy. I could see how some people could lose weight the first time that they try these pills due to the fact that they had a lot of backup in their body but this is definitely not a sustainable weight loss product. Your stomach will also hurt A LOT while you are taking the pills and plan to spend a lot of uncomfortable time in the bathroom.

  • KimE - The description made it sound like it would fit but the headrests did not come ...

    Did not go on the seats. The description made it sound like it would fit but the headrests did not come out of our seats to put the covers on. We had to return them but the process was handled good.

  • copeasno - Enjoyed the first books of the series

    Haven't actually read this one, but have read every one of the previous series. Truly enjoyed all, but could have done without the intimate-type writing in the last one I read. Why not just keep on with the nice clean method of writing as in all the first books? If this one continues the too- intimate type descriptions, I won't buy another one, which would be a pity. I have truly enjoyed the series.

  • JOE C. MATIAS - Re update

    Re update I gave received the 2nd antenna today after the 1st was incorrect. And still not fitting in place the threads so I send it back both of them

  • Cfam - Perfect for everyday budgeting

    I use this for all my accounts. Checking, savings, credit cards. I especially love the feature that shows you how much money you'll have in x amount of time. I have used this for years and would HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who wants to keep track of where your money has gone or wants to start a new budget. Great product!

  • OIF VET - Pick these over WeatherTech

    Perfect fit. Glad I bought these instead of the WeatherTech mats. These have spikes on the back, which help keep things from moving around too much. The front mats are held in place with anchors, but the back mat doesn't have them, so the spikes really come in handy. These were less expensive than the WeatherTech mats, too. These can sell for as high as about $180, but you can find them for around $150 here on Amazon. In my research, I found that these mats have a higher lip, and at least for the driver's side, the mat goes up higher under the gas/brake pedals. The other difference that helped me make my decision was the fact that these come with a lifetime warranty, while the WeatherTech only came with a 3 year warranty. Highly recommend this product for your 5th Gen 4Runner.

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