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Animal Feed Premix Manufacturers & Additives Suppliers - Animal Feed Additives, Premixes & Healthcare Products Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in Singapore. Our products for Poultry, Livestock, Swine & Aqua Sectors.

  • http://www.lexington.sg/profile.php About Us - Lexington Enterprises Pte Ltd, Singapore - Lexington Enterprises Pte Ltd was founded in the year 2006. We are headquartered in Singapore. Our markets cover the Indian-subcontinent, South-East Asia & MENA.
  • http://www.lexington.sg/our-products.php Animal Feed Additives Manufacturers - Healthcare Products Exporters - Animal Feed Additives & Healthcare Products Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in Singapore. Feed Additives for Poultry, Livestock, Swine, Aqua & Marine Sectors.
  • http://www.lexington.sg/poultry-products.php Chicken Feed Additives - Poultry Feed Supplements Exporters - Poultry Feed Supplements & Additives Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in Singapore. Chicken Feed Additives are Probiotics, Enzymes, Electrolytes, Premixes, etc.
  • http://www.lexington.sg/horse-camel-products.php Horse Feed Supplements & Additives - Camel Feed Manufacturers - Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Horse & Camel Feeds in Singapore. Check out our products to suit your individual horse's needs!.
  • http://www.lexington.sg/swine-products.php Swine Feed Supplements - Pig Feed Pellets Manufacturers - Pig Feed Pellets Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in Singapore. Swine Feed Supplements for Anti-Stress, Iron Tonic, Trace Mineral & Vitamin Premixes.
  • http://www.lexington.sg/aqua-products.php Fish Feed Manufacturers & Suppliers - Aquaculture Feed Additives - Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Fish Feed Additives. We offer Growth Promoters, Anti Stress, Bio security & Immunity Enhancers for aquaculture sectors.
  • http://www.lexington.sg/livestock-products.php Livestock Feed Additives - Probiotics Manufacturers & Suppliers - Livestock Feed Additives Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters. We offer Milk Enhancers, Minerals, Growth Promoters & Probiotics for Livestock Farming.
  • http://www.lexington.sg/contact-us.php Contact Us - Lexington Enterprises Pte Ltd, Singapore - Contact Us - Lexington Enterprises Pte Ltd, 30 Penjuru Road, #03 - 06, - 609135, Singapore

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    City: 103.8565 Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore

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