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Welcome to LifeMel Honey - This medicinal honey is an innovative groundbreaking product for the treatment and support of patients suffering from acute malignant illnesses and their respective side-effects. LifeMel is intended for the prevention and treatment of the side-effects involved in chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

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  • Diane - Great book

    Received a complimentary copy to read and review. I couldn't put it down. I love the characters and the world Brandy has created with this series. It has great twists and turns that will keep the reader turning the page to find out what happens next. Definitely one to add to your TBR list.

  • Max's Books - Not a great book if you are looking to get in the high 160s

    This book is fine if you are looking to get at 160, but won't help you at all if you are looking to get in the high 160s (especially in math). The practice problems are far easier than what you will actually see on the test, and the explanations aren't going to help you in the long term. Learning to pick a "Pick a Number" instead of really understanding the fundamentals of number properties or geometry is really going to hurt you when you see the more challenging questions on the real test. If you are going for a score in the high 160s, I wouldn't waste your time with this book -- manhattan gre books are probably your best bet.

  • baller - Decent amount of practice problems but very poor explainations

    I am about half way through this book now and have completed both the Verbal and Math practice questions. The tips that are given are mostly common sense, although some of the strategy helps. The thing that I am least satisfied with is the answer explanations, especially in the Verbal section. The explanation for the verbal sections are often like, its not this word or this word, but it is this word, without ever saying what any of the words mean so you have to look all of them up.

  • Angela Nelson - Make sure you are reading labels!

    This did absolutely nothing for me. I have constant yeast infections and the other reviews gave me hope that this was going to help. If you look on the bottle it says, "Probiotic strains at time of manufacture." This means that the live microbe count probably does not guarantee this same amount will be available when you buy the product or take it.

  • Irish Girl - I think the writers have to "go somewhere" with Frank pretty soon--we love William Macy

    This raunchy show gets wilder and wilder. I think the writers have to "go somewhere" with Frank pretty soon--we love William Macy, but Frank is wearing us out. His abuse is not as funny as it was in the beginning.

  • LASohn - ... helps you lose weight because it makes you sweat like you in a field for real

    Ths producr really helps you lose weight because it makes you sweat like you in a field for real. Instant hot flashes..omg but works. I lost 10 pounds in two weeks

  • Nik Willmore - It's cheap and it works perfectly.

    Boric acid is known to be the best roach poison for truly roach infested situations in which you know where they might walk and thus over time pick up some boric acid powder. But if you have a sudden outbreak, or a growing situation that you tried to ignore but can non longer do so, like I did, this stuff is magic. Does it contain boric acid? Hmmmm...no it contain Firpronil, a truly knarly looking molecule, which a bit of research indicates is a slow acting poison that allows roaches to indeed, like boric acid, return to their roach colony and nuke the others. That's why there are so many reviews online about this product not acting immediately enough to provide an immediate sense of victory. I did not find that it stained my varnished wood floors at all. It comes out as a fluid paste and then turns into a dry putty-like substance. My cat walked over it a few times in a place I of course didn't expect him to walk but he did, and the long line of it I had placed along the wall behind the folding chairs was not disturbed by his attempt to poison himself. Further research indicates it is not toxic to pets. If you have much worse roach problems, just mix boric acid with table scraps and stick it where pets can't get to it. If that sounds like a massive hassle, like it did to me in NYC, with my first major roach family squatters, then nuke with this stuff instead. Back when I was a student though, I found one variation of RAID that actually made them flip over and die, on demand. Not sure if they sell that version any more. I hope they do.

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