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LV&O - Make a reservation for dinner at Locanda Vini e Olii. Located inside a historic pharmacy in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, Locanda Vini e Olii has been called one of the best Italian spots in NYC for rustic Tuscan food, wine and cocktails. Near the Barclay's Center.

  • http://www.locandany.com/salumeriabiellese/ Salumeria Biellese — LV&O - Using traditional skills and old-world recipes, Salumeria Biellese continues to supply us with delicious Italian and Mediterranean salumi with an emphasis on delicious and authentic flavor. From the sweet Italian wild boar in our sage pappardelle to the pancetta in our tortelli, Salumeria never fails to deliver a quality product. 
  • http://www.locandany.com/fossilfarms/ Fossil Farms — LV&O - Fossil Farms delivers our Piedmontese beef, which comes from free range grassfed cattle raised in Montana. This special breed only has 1.89% fat. Compare it to 24% fat in USDA choice beef. They also bring us our free range chicken from their farm in New Jersey, as well as our Heritage Berkshire pork from their farm in Iowa. 
  • http://www.locandany.com/seatotable/ Sea To Table — LV&O - Sea To Table is a family-owned seafood distributor located in Brooklyn. Started by Michael and Sean Dimin in 2006, Sea To Table is committed to building relationships with responsible, small-scale fisheries and connecting them with thriving markets in as little as a few hours. What was caught yesterday is what you see on your plate today. Chef Baldacci orders only fresh fish from Sea To Table docks in Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, and southeastern Maine. Sea To Table’s dedication to sustainability and quality align with our commitment to serving the most wholesome and fresh ingredients possible. 
  • http://www.locandany.com/dartagnan/ D'Artagnan — LV&O - D'Artagnan provides us with our fresh mushrooms and free-range duck from Crescent Duck Farm in Suffolk County, New York. They are committed to sustainable and humane production practices, and work with small farms who enact the same policies. For us, going with D'Artagnan is no question. 
  • http://www.locandany.com/http/wwwlocalbushelcom/ Local Bushel — LV&O - The farmer's market comes to Locanda! Local Bushel collects high quality, harvested to order fruit and vegetables from local and sustainable farms.
  • http://www.locandany.com/aziendaagricola/ Frantoio San Romolo — LV&O - Why “LOCANDA OLIO” is the bestThere are many components that make one extra virgin olive oil better than another, the main factors being: ENVIRONMENTThe olive tree is widespread in the Mediterranean basin. It has been present in Tuscany since the Etruscan era (700 BC), but spread exponentially around 1500 with the Medici family in Florence. Florentine families used to have the local farmers plant olive oil trees along the borders of their properties, spreading the cultivation of olives considerably in the provence of Florence. There is, however, a reason why the olive tree wasn’t at first as common in this area. Florence is at the very limit of the climatic area for the olive tree survival. These plants don’t tolerate cold temperatures whatsoever. Just a few degrees below freezing can cause considerable damages. In fact, every thirty years or so the whole area is affected by a big freeze that kills almost all the plants. The last one occurred in 1985. This is why we don’t have huge olive oil trees simply don’t exist in Florence. Trees like that you can find further south. For this reason the production of Florentine olives is very limited (about 17kg - 37lb) per tree. In the south of Italy the average is 300kg (660lb). The yield percentage is also lower; 14 % in Tuscany versus 19% or above in other areas. VARIETALThe most characteristic and spread olive tree variety in Florence is called “Frantoio”. Is autochthon of our territory and is now present and appreciated in different countries like Chile, Argentina, Spain and U.S.A.Other varieties are “Leccino”, “Pendolino”, “Moraiolo”, among many others. AGRONOMIC & CULTURALWe pick the olives by hand, from the plant when they reach the perfect grade of ripeness. In other areas they let them fall them to the ground to collect them or hit the plants with sticks or machines.  COMPETENCEThe “frantoio” (olive oil press) at San Romolo is part of a state of the art facility. There are too many aspects that make the difference to be discussed here, but one above all: the temperature. By law, “cold press” identifies olives pressed under 27 C (80 F). This means that many facilities extract olive oil at that temperature. Not our olive oil. For us, cold means cold!  THE RESULT of all this, is an excellent extra virgin olive oil with fantastic flavor and nutritional aspects.  You will find the oil to be very low in acidity and peroxides, rich of antioxidants and non saturated fat, aromatic, fruity and extraordinarily well balanced. THANK YOU AND ENJOY.

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  • AmazonLover - Not the best I have ever seen, but it helps some.

    The installation is very slow and tedious as you have to install each training session separately. They don't take up much hard drive space so it would have been a lot nicer if the whole thing installed together. Its not the most professionally made software I have seen either. It works but is not crisp or clean.

  • Osiris Rodriguez - The best and most complete Microsoft Office Course

    The best and most complete Microsoft Office Course I 've ever had. Will get these products for future versions.

  • Amazon Customer - 6 pound test fluorocarbon easily got caught between spool and frame

    Was expecting a middle of the road reel and found it to be a low budget reel. I have been fishing with bait casting reels for 30 plus years and I've always purchase middle range priced reels that suited my budget. I feel the quality of this real was way over exaggerated the way it was advertised as a micro baitcast reel. 6 pound test fluorocarbon easily got caught between spool and frame. Magnetic adjustment left a lot to be desired. I would recommend this reel to a beginner baitcaster to learn on as it is priced right for that. As the saying goes you get what you pay for. My recommendation is to spend the extra $50 and purchase a real that has quality and will last quite a while for an amateur fisherman

  • mimi - Finishing Touch works.

    I have had this for a few months now and I still love it. The hair does seem to grow back softer and it really does grow back slower. So much better than tweezers and a lot less discomfort. No red areas such as I got from the waxing, even cold waxing. It is much more comfortable to use.


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