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  • Jennifer L. - This unique pepper grinder is great for those that can’t put down their fork

    This unique pepper grinder is great for those that can’t put down their fork, but need pepper. The grinder allows you to add seasoning with one hand. The design is perfect for a newlywed couple or anyone who likes seasoning but wants something a little different. Quoting a guest, I was told this was a “Cool [pepper grinder]!”

  • Matthew R. Fleming - and other products are everywhere that are actually bad for my body and what supplements/herbs

    Over-The-Counter Natural Cures educated me on what is in our foods, drugs, and other products are everywhere that are actually bad for my body and what supplements/herbs, products and foods I should be consuming/using to lead a healthy life and fight off diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

  • critique - Extremely light and super fast absorbing

    i have been dealing with acne since 14 ( 28 now). I have tried all possible formulas and moisturizers over 14 years. Some dermatologists are impressed how much info I know about creams and lotions for oily and acne prone skin. This is the best so far I had. How ever , one chooses product to his or her liking.

  • Amazon Customer - Battery Dies Instantly

    These headphone stopped working after 1 month. I fully charge them, and they die in less than an hour. I received a replacement pair, and they are having the same issue. They work just long enough for your 30 return to expire so you can't get a refund.

  • Amazon Customer - Kava Kava

    What can I say, This is a great mental soother either if you are going to face or have faced stress. Good for mental stress. Be sure and follow directions. I have read this can be hard on the liver so if you have liver problems maybe abstain also don't drink alcohol and take kava kava either for the same "may harm your liver" thing. better safe than sorry.

  • A M N - Quite Simply The Best Phone I've Ever Owned

    I live in the UK, but had this delivered to a friend's address while I completed a road trip from Miami to San Francisco. The delivered product was well packaged and was originally intended for the Middle East market. A big bonus for me is that the supplied charger uses a UK-style 3-pin plug. While hardly a big deal as I, like most people, have the world's supply of USB power adapters. Considering that this purchase has saved me quite a bit of cash over outright purchase in the UK, I'm very happy.

  • E. Thompson - Actually does what it says it does!

    Usually, exfoliating products just scrape dead skin off, but this product gently removes it without leaving your skin red and irritated. I like that it's a gel and it's easy to apply, and contrary to some other reviews, you don't need to use a lot. You just apply a very thin layer and rub until your exfoliated skin comes off in little balls. I'm really impressed with this product - it's great for people with oily skin and blackhead problems. I know this sounds like a canned endorsement, but I'm just a regular 30-something gal with troublesome skin.

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