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Luc Brewaeys Composer - Luc Brewaeys Biography works concerts recordings scores photos Belgium André LAPORTE in Brussels Franco DONATONI in Siena and Brian FERNEYHOUGH in Darmstadt. From 1980 to 84 he had regular contacts with Iannis XENAKIS in Paris. Conductor, pianist recording producer VRT (Flemish Radio & Television)

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Phu Ngo - Good design. Battery significantly under-powered. Entry level. Not for tall people. Really 18V.

    I bought as my first battery operated lawn tool. Overall, this is a well deigned tool but with some short-comings if you are looking for a tool to do moderate or heavy-duty work. This is an entry level tool and good if you have a townhouse or small cottage that only requires light yard trim work. I wonder if Amazon will return a product based on poor performance. Oh by the way, per the manual: "Voltage measured without workload. Initial battery voltage reaches maximum of 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18 volts."

  • Stephen Kelly - Works fine except for.....

    The game is awesome. Love it. But the gun will not calibrate correctly so i can use the scope. But i can still play it fine without the scope so i am not returning it.

  • Karl - Not worth the upgrade from 2012

    Seems that there's not much improvement and that it's a lot slower than my previous 2012 version of the same program. Quite disappointed. Not worth the upgrade.

  • Danielle - I took recommended dose, and 15 minutes later my face started ...

    I took recommended dose, and 15 minutes later my face started tingling, then turned bright red. A red rash started from head, then moved down to feet and entire body was splotchy and red. Face was bright red and swollen - itchy all over for over an hour.

  • robert m - Almost great cross trainers

    well, they are well made, leather, look nice, comfortable. They are slightly more padded than the previous iteration which is nice for wearing them around but not so great when lifting weights. They are comfortable but billed as cross trainers but the heel is too narrow to make them great runners and the forefoot bereft of any protection or padding for running. If you are looking for a nice black shoe to wear around these would be it but for serious cross training they are not quite the shoe you are looking for.

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