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Lunatus Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Company | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Lunatus offers 360 turnkey health care representation in the Middle East & Gulf Region

  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/ About Lunatus | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Lunatus medical and marketing services for the Middle East. Distribution channel
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/mission/ Lunatus Mission | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Our mission is to provide value added quality marketing and operational services tailored to the versatility of the region.
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/our-brands/ Lunatus brands and Products | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Offers a range of services that include Pharmaceuticals, Rx & OTC, Aesthetics medicine, skin care, Consumer Health and medical equipment for the GCC
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/bioq-pharma-and-lunatus-execute-agreement/ BioQ Pharma and Lunatus Execute Agreement | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - BioQ Pharma and Lunatus Execute Agreement to Commercialize Two Infusion Pharmaceuticals in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait.
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/our-brands/otc-products/foltene/ Foltene - Range of hair care treatments | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Whether you suffer from hair loss, oily scalp, dandruff, scalp sensitivity or thin, weak hair, Foltène puts life back into your locks.
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/our-brands/otc-products/hightech-cosmetics/ HighTech Cosmetics: technology in your daily beauty care | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - HC HIGHTECH COSMETICS IS THE MOST RESPONSIVE AND TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED LUXURY COSMETICS BRAND ON THE MARKET.
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/our-brands/otc-products/wellness/ Well-Ness - All Natural liquid Suppliments | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Well-Ness antioxidant herbal blends formulated by the purest natural extracts and selected ingredients. All Well-Ness blends are sugar & caffeine free
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/our-brands/otc-products/proflora/ ProFlora - Premium probiotics for a healthy lifestyle | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - premium probiotics to restore and balance the health and wellness of your digestive system, for the whole family. Comes in 3 concentrated varieties.
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/our-brands/otc-products/pantogar/ Pantogar - The No.1 treatment against hair loss is now in Dubai | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Pantogar is trusted by millions world wide for its support against diffused hair loss. Providing the nutrients from within for stronger healthier hair.
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/our-brands/pharmaceutical-products/radiesse/ RADIESSE Lifting Filler - For a more younger you | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Treatment with RADIESSE Lifting Filler is quick, comfortable and convenient, with immediately visible, long-lasting results.

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  • Amazon Customer - Chip and Joanna are a Delight!!

    I received the Audible version of this book this morning. Chip and Joanna are the narrators and it is positively delightful hearing this book "in their own words"! Learning about their early life and the way that they have dealt with their problems and how they have lived their lives has been uplifting. They have overcome adversity and have built a life full of love, family, talent, professionalism keeping their faith first and foremost. They never forgotten who and what is important. I have finished the book already and will listen to it again and again! I love their series and hope they will stay on the air for a long, long time!!

  • Jonny - Didn't work at all, roaches ignored it

    I followed all the instructions closely for this gel, then proceeded to watch roaches walk around and over it, but never stop to eat it. After a couple weeks of trying different placements, I gave up and tossed out the tube. This did nothing for our roach problem. (We have medium and small size roaches)

  • Courtney - Bye Bye Dead skin

    The OROGOLD 24K Deep Peeling is one of the first products that I purchased on my own for my skin. Till now, I was just using the products being used by my mum, but somehow they convinced me to purchase the product for myself. I thought I was gonna get a mouthful for spending so much on a single product, but luckily for me, my mum fell in love with it as well. I really liked the OROGOLD Peeling because it made the skin feel really really soft and smooth. The whole experience that this product has to offer makes the price worth it. It is definitely the best peeling that I have tried. And mum plans to hit their stores in the near future for more products. YAY.

  • Amber A. Peterson - Decent blend of vitamins and minerals

    I think that people should be aware that if they become pregnant that they should switch to a different multivitamin (with 800 mg of folic acid). I am not familiar with all of the herbs in this as far as safety with pregnancy, but I know for SURE that it is not recommended to take fenugreek. So I would definitely talk to your physician or health care provider if you are pregnant and taking this. If you read carefully it does say "Prenatal and Post-Birth Multivitamin" and does not mention anything about taking it while pregnant. There is a decent blend of vitamins and minerals in this. I have not had any side effects so far. I do like that it is one easy to swallow capsule. I am a bit concerned that this has 22.5 mg of Zinc. I sometimes have a hard time with Zinc, but so far so good. I like that there is a blend of lactation support herbs in this because that is what I am currently needing.

  • fceexp1 - Works as advertised

    Bit pricy but works really well. If you are dry skin challenged, I really recommend this product as a great solution

  • BETTER - Love the way it makes my hair feel

    A friend told me about this product only she had much thicker hair then I did, so I was skeptical as to what it would do for mine. I have very fine, color treated hair and I am located in a windy area. Since I have been here(upper midwest) my hair has change and became very dry, lost its shine,no bounce what so ever and I have been losing some hair for the past several years but not scary amounts and then I was starting to see fistfuls in the bottom of the tub after every shower. From the first time I tried these products I was amazed at how it made my hair feel. I didn't see the shine come back right away but have been using it for 3wks now and its back. After only 3 days of use I noticed less hair fall out and now I have NO HAIR IN THE DRAIN!!! YEAH!!.. My friend let me try the Almond hair re-moist mask and it is a wonderful product and really brought the shine out(use once every 2 wks or so she said).. I chose these 3 products because of research for thin hair types.. I switch through the types daily but have decided that I like the cucumber aloe and the lavendar the best for my hair.. I just bought the FIG and it was much thicker then the others but still did a good job, will use that probably once a week.. and I bought the FIG mask hoping it will really do a great job. I find that the small bottles I went through quicker then I thought I would but it is still ok. I will continue to use this product if nothing else because of the fall out factor and the shear pleasure you feel when you run your fingers through it and it feels like it did when you were about 20 :-)

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