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Macungie Animal Hospital - Macungie Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing pets with quality affordable medical & surgical healthcare.

  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/2009/10/female-dogs-breast-cancer/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Female dogs & breast cancer - 99.5% of female dogs that are spayed prior to their first heat cycle will not develop mammary cancer.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/about-us/the-doctor-says/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Pet Health Tips | Macungie PA - Macungie Animal Hospital offers tips to keep your pet healthy, as changes in your pets health can occur slowly.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/about-us/press-releases/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Press Releases - April 2013: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Mary Lengle 610-392-7414 [email protected] International Veterinary Organization Selects Macungie Animal
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/services/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Veterinarian Services | Macungie PA - Macungie Animal Hospital offers veterinarian services to clients in the Lehigh Valley
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Staff - Our staff is the heart and soul of what makes Macungie Animal Hospital great. Dr. Soares set out to create a team of helpful, knowledgeable, and caring members
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/dr-nancy-soares/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Dr. Nancy Soares | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - Dr. Nancy Soares, founder and owner of Macungie Animal Hospital, takes very seriously the significant roles that pets play in our lives.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/dr-tere-hernandez/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Dr. Tere Hernandez | Verterinarians - Macungie, PA - Dr. Tere Hernandez has the ability to understand and empathize with human owners, and she believes that is what separates good vets from great ones.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/dr-elizabeth-keehner/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Dr. Elizabeth Keehner | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - Dr. Keehner’s expertise runs the gamut-from oncology & ophthalmology to emergency surgery & well visits. She prides herself in delivering compassionate care.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/dr-donna-gigliotti/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Dr. Donna Gigliotti | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - Dr. Gigliotti has been trained to provide custom measuring and fitting for animals in need of a mobility-aid cart.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/dr-gigliottis-schedule/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Dr. Gigliotti's Hours - Dr. Gigliotti will be seeing patients at Macungie Animal Hospital:   Wednesday, November 2, 2pm-7pm Saturday, November 5, 8:20am-1pm Wednesday,
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/dr-diane-gabriel/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Dr. Diane Gabriel - Dr. Diane Gabriel Diane Gabriel, VMD, CVA, focuses her practice on integrative medicine. This approach utilizes more natural and gentle remedies coupled
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/jill-renfrew-mba-cvpm-acc/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Practice Manager - Jill Renfrew, MBA, CVPM, ACC is Macungie Animal Hospital’s Practice Manager. That’s no alphabet soup behind her name! Ms. Renfrew is a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager, Associate Certified Coach and a successful administrative professional with more than 20 years of experience within the veterinary industry. She authored AAHA’s Complete Guide for the Veterinary Client Service Representative, is a national speaker, practice consultant & is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association, Veterinary Hospital Managers Association & the International Coaches Federation.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/nurses/ Macungie Animal Hospital | 2012 MAH Nurses - Macungie Animal Hospital employs a staff of dedicated doctors and nurses who provide your pet the attention, care, and support they need.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/receptionist/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Veterinary Receptionists | Macungie, PA - View Macungie Animal Hospital's friendly staff of receptionists, who are ready to treat our clients and their pets as family.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/hospice-care/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Hospice Care | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - To promote and honor the human-animal bond, Macungie Animal Hospital has created a veterinary hospice care program.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Facility - Macungie Animal Hospital (MAH) was designed with the care & comfort of your pet in mind. Dr. Soares commissioned Animal Arts/Gates Hafen Cochrane located
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/reception-area/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Reception Area | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - Macungie Animal Hospital hosts a spacious, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere to allow you and your pet to feel welcome and relaxed.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/exam-rooms/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Exam Rooms | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - MAH's exam rooms are fitted with ergonomically designed lift tables so you don’t have to lift your pet onto an elevated table.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/pharmacy/ Macungie Animal Hospital | On-Site Pharmacy | Veterianrians - Macungie, PA - Our in-house pharmacy is stocked with medications and supplements so your pet’s prescription can be filled and dispensed during their visit.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/lab/ Macungie Animal Hospital | In-House Lab | Veterianarians - Macungie, PA - Macungie Animal Hospital offers a comprehensive in-house laboratory equipped to analyze routine, pre-operative, and critical care bloodwork. Samples can be
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/radiology/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Radiology | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - Macungie Animal Hospital was the first animal hospital in the Lehigh Valley to offer digital radio-graphic imaging.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/treatment/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Treatment Area | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - The largest area of the hospital was designed for efficiency whether tending to hospitalized patients or treating out-patients.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/surgery/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Surgery Suite | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - The surgery suite contains a specialized ventilation unit to provide the highest quality and best dynamic air flow during sterile surgical procedures.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/ancillary-unit/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Ancillary Unit | Veterinarins - Macungie, PA - All surgical and medical instrumentation is properly cleaned and sterilized in this area. Cloth goods such as surgery drapes and gowns are washed separately and sterilized according to AAHA standards.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/kennel-wards/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Kennel Wards | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - Hospitalized patients are housed in clean and comfortable cages. Cats and dogs are kept in separate areas in order to decrease stress and ensure the comfort of both species.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/isolation-ward/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Isolation Ward | Veterinarians - Macunige, PA - This specialized medical ward houses hospitalized patients that are suspected of carrying an infectious disease.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/rainbow-room/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Rainbow room | Veterinarians - Macunige , PA - The rainbow room allows family members to visit with a hospitalized pet, make difficult decisions, or say goodbye to their loved one.

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  • Kimberly Walker - Works for me

    I started using this after extreme loss of hair after surgery. I use it along with the conditioner and it does really well. My hair is soft and strong. Noticed less fall out and breakage. After shampoo hair does feel dry and "weird" but once you do the conditioner step it's perfect.

  • L. A. MASSIMINO - What a great buy!

    What a great buy!!!!! Installed today on 4 computers both desk & laptops . Was a little sceptical if it would work for all 5 devices but had no problem!! I have been pricing this product and this is the BEST PRICE you willl find anywhere!

  • Lynn Cheung - Amazing

    Received this in one of my monthly subscription box and it was the best hair care spray i've ever tried. It detangled my hair right away and left it feelin smooth and nice. No other products had done that to my hair. I am such a fan!

  • Mary A. Mace - Feeling Better

    After much deliberation about using this product and much research, as most of these products fail to measure up, I must say it worked for me. I am post-menopausal but still have hot flashes and major weight gain. I have been taking it for about 20 days and have lost about 4 lb.s and the hot flashes seem to be getting under control. Personally it worked for me.

  • J. Jones - It works

    This is sort of a mixed review. On the working factor I would give it 5 stars. Here is the reason I gave it 3 stars. My family decided to go to the beach for a family vacation. My wife wanted to shave my back, but I wasn't interested because I thought that the razor would irritate my skin. I came home from work one Friday night and there she stood with a bottle of this magic elixir. I agreed for the treatment and removed my shirt. She proceded to apply the Nair to my back, and explained that she would wipe it off after 4 minutes. The first two minutes were ok. No problem. At about 3 minutes I suddenly began to see why a dog sometimes drags it butt across the drive way! Holy Smokes! I'm dying here! Get this S&^T off me! She wiped it off, but that wasn't enough. I jumped in the shower to rinse it off. Still no relief! I swear, if the Belt Sander had been close by I would have demanded her using it on my back. The hair was gone, but so was my dermis. I cannot imagine how bad a previous reviewer felt when he used it around his "Unit".

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