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  • Amazon Customer - Lots of potential with a FATAL FLAW

    Why is it that accounting software companies can't solve some of the most elementary software issues? I use Sage-Peachtree 2011 which is almost identical to this version. Along with the Payroll Tax issue mentioned by other reviewers for this version, there is one simple but fatal flaw with the software.

  • Info searcher - Very concerned citizen

    This is an excellent book. Information has been available through the years on the Clintons. The fraud and horrible corruption is beyond comprehension! Many of us are at a loss how in a country like ours, the USA, anyone can get away with the horrible crimes committed by these people!!!! People who vote for Hillary this year are buying their own peril as our country will be finished!!! A vote for her indicates how little respect you have for this country and your own family!! WAKE UP PEOPLE AND OBSERVE WHAT IS SO HANDILY OUT THERE FOR ANYONE TO SEE. This book really is informative about the email fiasco and many other facts. All the scandalous smearing of Mr. Trump to keep him from winning this election is just appalling after what Hillary has done to us and foreign countries.

  • Jane - Miraculous - stopped scratching the furniture immediately

    I had a terrible time with my 6 month old kitten clawing at all our fabric kitchen chairs. She did in constantly, even while I was standing right there. Spraying her with water only made it worse. I a bit a desperation I thought I would try Feliway. I received it and plugged it in about 3 pm. By the next morning she was no longer scratching the furniture. And she has done very little of it since (maybe once or twice in the course of a week). The funny thing was one time she was sitting on the chair and she looked like she was about to start clawing it. Then she moved her head and looked directly at the plugged in diffuser for a moment, and then jumped down off the chair. I know it's my imagination but it was very funny. I also have trouble with her biting (she was taken from her little too soon) and since the diffuser that has gotten slightly better. I'm hoping with a few more weeks that will also improve.

  • michele braun - I love it. Also includes spells and other interesting pagan ...

    I bought this Witches calendar book 's datebook because I buy one every year. The price was right and they seem to get purchased very fast after November.It's a real calendar including phases of the moon and void of course time. and has space for every day of the week and month. I love it.Also includes spells and other interesting pagan related information. Highly recommended.

  • denelle - Not what it was suppose to be

    I think I got a fraud or something. It was soupy and yellow when I received it. Not white and creamy like its suppose to be. I did receive a refund after I sent it back, but still had to pay some sort of fee.

  • Kevin Criqui - Top quality at a great price

    The best ABS filament I have found for my Printrbot. I'm printing with pretty standard 230C extruder and 90C bed temperatures. Even with a 0.3mm layer height, the layer to layer adhesion is excellent and produces super strong parts. An excellent value for the price.

  • C. Sherlock - Where Has This Shaver Been All My Life?

    I got this shaver to replace my beloved Panasonic electric shaver, which began to show signs of being worn out after eight years of excellent service. My previous shaving experience has been with foil shavers, so I wasn't sure about switching to a rotary shaver but I decided to take a chance on this model after reading the positive reviews on Amazon.

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