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Marsh Medical Practice - This is the web site for Marsh Medical Practice in North Somercotes, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 7QU, including telephone number and details of surgery times, doctors and clinics.

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City: -1.4333 Derbyshire, United Kingdom

  • GI Jane - Very good product!

    My hair had been falling out excessively, prior to starting this brand of biotin. It fell out constantly, especially when I washed It. It was falling out to the point that I had to cut 8 inches off because it was looking very thin, and took prenatal vitamins daily. I saw a doctor and dermatologist, and neither one had a solution that I didn't already try, from vitamins, to new shampoo. I knew it wasn't chemical damage causing it to fall out, because I do not color my hair. After about 2 weeks of taking this once every night, I am now losing my hair at a normal rate of 40-100 hairs per day. After 1 month, I now have some new, short hair growth, particularly in the temples, which is very exciting, even though it's gray. I highly recommend this product to the folks with unexplainable hair loss. It can't hurt, it can only help. Added bonus, the product shipped quickly and my nails are much stronger too. I didn't notice any change in my skin however, as some people say that biotin aides in healthy skin. Hope this helps!

  • Kelly Jo - Love the large size!

    I live in an area where we are never really sure of the weather. I liked the design of this umbrella, so I wanted to give it a try. This umbrella offers a double canopy/ layered and inverted - stick umbrella that closes on the inside. When you close the umbrella, the used wet side is folded into the inside. It's actually very interesting how the umbrella works. It comes with a bag to carry it in. I will admit that the umbrella is a little hard to get back into the bag. I love the C-handle on the end. The ergonomic handle makes this umbrella comfortable to hold and it feels sturdy in your hand. I was able to test out the fact that this umbrella does not turn inside out when there are high winds. I'd have to say the winds were about 25 miles per hour and this umbrella held up well. My favorite part about this umbrella ia how large it is. I can keep myself and my kids all dry. I am very happy with my purchase. I purchased this umbrella at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Glendegirl - I love, love

    I have been using this for years. It really works. I just used it this morning and when you rub it on lightly your dead skin rolls off into the sink. Then I get a wet cloth and gently wash my face. I love, love, love this product. The only downside....is I hate going to the kiosk at the mall when I need more. Because the last two times they tell me that the product I want is the old product and now they have a new one...or try to pressure me into buying other stuff. :-( I love this and a few other things that we buy regularly, but we get them at Premier online site and wait for discounts.

  • Lala - milady text

    If you are looking for a cosmetology text book that is more than what you expected this is THE text so much information

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