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Mastic-gum.ro | Singura solutie adevarata pentru combaterea H. Pylori si vindecarea ulcerelor stomacale dureroase - Mastic-gum.ro | Singura solutie adevarata pentru combaterea H. Pylori si vindecarea ulcerelor stomacale dureroase

Country:, Europe, RO

City: 25 , Romania

  • Richard - another good pain patch with a good reputation.

    Good for quick short term use. Has 3 components, not just menthol which is weak. Aspirin probably helps most with the 3rd component. Similar to Tokuhon A which is also better than menthol alone. This is anecdotal, not research.

  • Frank Bell - GIFT..


  • wspheres - Professional grade

    I chose this because I needed a new drill. This one was on sale. This is a verey high quality professional grade piece of equipment.

  • Hoei S - This Fleabusters product worked great !

    My house got flea infested and I was really losing hope after many failed attempts to get rid of them. First attempt by a professional pest control didn't work at all. Second attempt with a different brand of flea powder for home, I think it was SentryHome, didn't work. The pro guys came back and it was good for a few days but then the fleas came back. I placed Ultimate Flea Traps in each room, which also worked pretty good by the way. but only caught a small number of them though I still had to refill every few days as the fleas continued to fill the traps. Third attempt by the pro guys and again the fleas came back. Then somehow I stumbled over this one and based on the reviews I gave it a try. Lo and Behold, the fleas were gone !!! One time and the fleas were gone. I couldn't believe it. Bought another one that I will use going into this summer season as a prevention attempt.

  • audreyvu - great so far!!

    Okay so got this product exactly six days ago and I already see my butt getting more round and "meaty" I guess you could say. It's pretty impressive, this product does kinda make you gain alittle weight so you do have to exercise to maintain your current body shape/weight. You also do have to do butt exercises to give it alittle boost. But yeah so far I'm really impressed and ill be back to update on my progress!! I hope this helped!!

  • slim - Typical memory hog quickly becoming the standard

    McAfee is becoming the standard for virus protection, especiallly since most government agencies now use it for their personal PC's. It's nice that they make an inexpensive "family" version so you don't have to buy a separate software package for each computer in your house. With home networks becoming common, this is a must.

  • Kristy A. Paduch - Works very well - follow up review

    I wrote a review the other day when I first received this product about how it was shipped not in the original packaging (it was shipped with the contents, but no Olay box). I wasn't too happy about that, as I feared the product may have been tampered with... Anyways, I finally did try the product and it works very well. No irritation and removes hair fast and effectively. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a gentle and effective facial hair remover. I have extremely sensitive skin and this did not irritate it at all. I definitely will be purchasing this product for a long time to come.

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