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::.Matris Harita Proje Mühendislik.:: - Matris Harita Mühendislik Ticaret Limited Þirketi, Harita Mühendislik, teknik ölçme ve harita alanlarda mesleðiyle ilgili projeler ve danýþmanlýk hizmeti sunmaktadýr . Mobil batimetri sistemleri ile liman, nehir, göl ve gölet, bataklýk gibi alanlarýn batimetrik haritalarýný yapar.

Country:, Asia, TR

City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • ChickyHK - Very Pleasant Surprise

    I have very fine hair and live in a humid climate. I have been trying for years to find a shampoo that left me with some volume, but didn't leave hair feeling rough. I bought this based on the reviews, but was not holding out much hope. Wow! Was I wrong, even after the first time I could feel the difference. I am sold! Best hair product I have used. I have short, fine hair so I use a lot less than the recommended number of pumps.

  • David - Just shave your head

    I used this for about a year. It does help in not losing as much hair, but I didn't see anything approaching new growth. Honestly, it's such a pain in the a$$ that I stopped. Chose to just accept the hair is going away.

  • Desert Dweller - This product is absolutely the best! It has accurately predicted without fail when she ...

    This product is absolutely the best! It has accurately predicted without fail when my girlfriend is ovulating. Now we know when she can and when she CAN'T get pregnant. What we both love about KNOWHEN is that the results are so fast! Brilliant product!

  • mina - chunky

    big bottle ,i use salsa and picante in lots of recipes and this makes it easy,dont have to keep wondering if theres enough BID bottle great stuff

  • Kissa - Great carrier!

    I was super excited about getting this for my massive cat. She's 25lbs should be 14). The regular square cat carriers are horrible for her. We literally have to spend an hour to get her into the square case every time she goes to the vet (at least 2x a year). This carrier makes it so much easier! It is literally a godsend. We took her to the vet the day after receiving and it was SO MUCH easier to get her in!

  • tammy matthews - great product

    we need these for our skeetervacs so we can enjoy the outdoors in maine way to many black flies in june

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