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  • Kara Paugh - Works to repel and kill!!

    If this product is applied as stated it really works. Ticks here in Michigan have become OUT OF CONTROL!!! Living on a farm with 4 dogs I was picking ticks off by the ten's everyday. After using as directed for repelling ticks it really cut down their numbers. After applying it over several days it seems to work better. There are still ticks, however they seem very sluggish and are not attached to my dogs. If you apply to the dog when you see a tick, it seems to work instantly to stun the beasts and then they are easy to pick off. I love love love this product. For the price and size of the bottle this is a must have for anyone struggling with ticks. Not really sure about the fleas and mosiquito thing but for ticks, for sure!! And I actually love the smell of it. Reminds me of Easter dinner. : )

  • Graveyard Bull - It stopped working, garbage OS and Console

    I was hopeful about the Steam machine OS and had some faith in Alienware. I've lost all of both. The operating system is just bad. It never could even keep track of the time. You have very few of your games available to play on it. the controller is unreponsive and feels terrible. the console stopped working and began blinking yellow after a couple weeks of light use. I'm glad I used Amazon and saved the boxes so I can ship this garbage back to the pile it came from.


    its too early too tell how good this will be.. my son helped me program some of it based on the programs in the device. However, i dont see how to include Cinemax, Showtime, National Georgraphic, TBS,, AHC(military channel) and other good ones ...i guess ill be calling them.

  • hatice basaga - it wasnt new

    I order this book thinking it was new but it is and i looked inside there was lots of writing and question marks all over the book. Since i paid a penny for it wasnt a bad deal at all.

  • John - Used To Be Good - Now, Not So Much.

    It's constantly interrupting my Internet surfing with false positives. It's especially frustrating that Avast keeps popping up on the same safe sites, claiming to have "saved me", over and over (sites like Walmart, ATT.net, gmail, etc., etc.) and asking me to pay for the professional version. I continually report them as false positives but it doesn't seem to do any good.

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