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  • Kelley J. Campana - Spider Massacre (but only when sprayed directly on spider)

    This absolutely works! We moved into a new house that has a large screened in patio. The patio was absolutely infested with long-jawed orb weaver spiders. I initially sprayed the entire house and patio with Ortho Home Defense, which has been pretty effective for keeping roaches out of the house, but did nothing for the patio spiders. So I purchased this product based on the great reviews. I sprayed every nook and cranny of the patio and spiders were freaking out and falling from their webs everywhere, there were so many more spiders than I thought. This may be species or size dependent, but they did not die immediately, or even several minutes, after being sprayed. After about an hour I checked back and saw a ton of dead spiders, but there were some that were still alive but struggling. There was one outside my patio door that I kept an eye on after spraying it directly and it took probably 4 hours to finally die. So don't be discouraged if the spiders are still alive after a while. I also went out and sprayed the entire outside of the screened patio as well, as I noticed several spiders that were up under the roof on the outside of the screen. This morning I went out and didn't see a single spider that was still alive, but I saw tons of dead ones. I'm very impressed. I don't know how long the protection will last, but I can't imagine that I will get the full 12 months out of it, as it is outside in a hot an humid climate, I'm just happy to have a patio cleared of spiders for now.

  • J Baker - Great for camping!

    Saw this at Coscto and bought it, then returned it when I saw that I could get it cheaper online and with the same one year warranty. Bought it with the speakers and the flashlight. We took it with us on a recent camping trip and loved it. charged our iPhones no problem. Definitely worth it!

  • Amazon Customer - Best card program I have used

    Love this program.Easy to use and lots of good features. The best one I have found out in the market.

  • Amazon Customer - Order never received!

    Do not order from this company! They took my money and provided a non-existent tracking number. Have made numerous attempts to try and reach someone without success!

  • Techie - Great for beginners!

    The cards in this are great for a beginner and people who want to learn how to build their own decks. I suggest buying it if you're new to the game as I am a beginner

  • FireCaptain - Poor choice,bad software

    Software for these cameras is poor. I cannot get the stupid flashing light to turn off. I tried to use tech support to no avail. I would not buy anything from them again.

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