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  • Cara B. - Excellent

    My 2-year-old loves his stop light. He always tells us he is going to wait for the green light before he gets up - and sometimes he actually does! He loves turning the stop light on by himself. The buttons are on the front so he has easy access to them, which could be a pro or a con, depending on your kid. I was a little wary of buying because of other reviews that say the quality is low, but we haven't had any problems with it.

  • A. Pressgrove - A very good product

    I would be lost without MS Outlook calendar, it is probably the most used feature for me. To be honest though, since I am retired, I don't use all the features that Outlook has in it. Be aware that if you buy this product, the email service must support it. If you have a free email account via Yahoo, but pay another company for internet and email service, you will not be able to get the Yahoo emails forwarded for Outlook, without paying Yahoo too.

  • TN Jenn - Best I've Found

    Happened on this at the salon I use for waxing, and they all swore by it--but of course, they sell it. However, they said they've been selling it for 20 years and it's by far their most popular skin care product. I had recently quit smoking, but was disappointed that while my face mostly cleared up my back acne had not. I didn't think there was much to lose from trying it once, other products were over-cleansing and over-drying my skin and making it worse. I'd tried OTC and prescription cleansers on my back, and nothing helped.

  • Mr. Bubba - Very Good Internet Security - Highly Recommended

    I have been a satisfied user of Karspersky Internet Security on three PCs for many years. It has never failed to get the job done. Over the years, Kaspersky has needed less and less user customization and input to achieve the desired level of protection. The latest release seems to use even less resources than prior versions of Kaspersky. I recommend it.

  • Franklin - It's a small antenna!

    Nice to take off the big antenna that came with the car. It hit our garage ceiling all the time. Just unscrewed the old one & screwed this one in. There's a little screw you insert into the stubby antenna so it can screw into the car. Reception seems the same so far. I'll update if reception is diminished at all.

  • Amazon Customer - Fan collection must have

    A hilarious view into the Ghostbuster's world! It is a must have for any Ghostbuster fan collection. Worth reading and a great addition to the library.

  • Evan Wilson - LOVE this bag

    Amazing. Light, plenty of space, pockets out the ass, and very sturdy. Plus, it looks pretty cool. So much pocket space my friends and i fit almost an entire case of beer in there including the stuff I already had in my bag.

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