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medinformer healthcare information - need-to-know answers - Easy-to-read, reliably sourced and medically correct healthcare information on common health issues to help you to make informed decisions.

  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/acne/ Acne is a treatable skin condition using information from Medinformer - Acne is a common skin condition that causes pimples on the face, neck, shoulders, chest and back and can lead to scarring of the skin.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/bedwetting/ Bedwetting is mostly caused by overproduction of urine and is treatable - The most common cause of bedwetting is overproduction of urine at night and inability to wake at night in response to a full bladder.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/bladder-weakness/ bladder weakness or urinary incontinence information by Medinformer - Bladder weakness (urinary incontinence) is involuntary loss of urine. It occurs in one in four women and one in eight men, making it as common as hay fever.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/blood-clots/ Blood Clots | Use Medinformer to know when they are good or bad - The formation of blood clots is usually rather useful as it forms a plug that saves us from bleeding to death from a minor wound.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/blood-pressure/ Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in arteries - Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in arteries that is needed to keep blood flowing through the body and high blood pressure is very common.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/bone-health/ Bone Health | Maximize bone health with information by Medinformer - The health of your bones is increasingly important as you age. Maximize your bone health during younger years to lower fracture risk later in life.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/breast-pumps/ Breast Pumps | Best breast pump advice from Medinformer - Breast pumps are used after breast milk has come in (initiation), to build and maintain lactation and reaching adequate breast milk production.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/breastfeeding/ Breastfeeding brought to you by Medinformer Health - Did you know that by breastfeeding and not using formula you are doing your baby a huge health favour? Breast milk contains easily digestible fats ...
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/cold-sores/ Cold Sores | Fever Blisters | Treatment Options by Medinformer - Cold sores infect the lips, mouth, throat or gums. They are small, painful, fluid-filled blisters and may also be referred to as fever blisters.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/colds-and-flu/ Colds and Flu | Know the different symptoms with Medinformer - Colds and flu are different. Colds start slowly, symptoms are not radical and are over in five days. Flu symptoms can take up to two weeks for recovery.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/constipation/ Constipation | Mild or chronic constipation can be treated - Constipation symptoms can be remedied using a variety of solutions depending on your age, severity and persistence of your constipation.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/contraception/ Contraception | Know your options with Medinformer - Contraception prevents unwanted pregnancies in women, reduces infant mortality, helps to prevent HIV/AIDS and slows population growth.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/contraception-services/ Contraception Services | Be informed with Medinformer Health - Contraception services include copper IUD,combined pill, injection, patch, condoms for him and her, female sterilisation and vasectomy.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/depression/ Depression | Information by Medinformer on this treatable disease - Depression is an illness that can seriously impair all aspects, including personal relationships, performance at work and enjoyment of leisure activities.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/diarrhoea/ Diarrhoea | Symptoms | Treatment | Information by Medinformer - Diarrhoea is most often described as a decrease in stool consistency and an increase in stool volume marked frequency, urgency and faecal incontinence.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/dry-vagina/ Dry Vagina | A common symptom of menopause and low oestrogen - Low levels of oestrogen due to menopause often cause changes in the vagina and bladder, which can cause a dry vagina and urinary problems.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/ebola/ Ebola | Stay informed on infectious disease with Medinformer - Ebola is a highly contagious viral disease that is transmitted via bodily fluids and by surfaces and materials contaminated with these fluids.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/erectile-dysfunction/ Erectile Dysfunction | Treatment options from Medinformer - Erectile dysfunction can be a total inability to achieve an erection, an inconsistent ability to do so, or a tendency to sustain brief erections only.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/exam-stress/ Exam Stress Solutions brought to by Medinformer Health - Exam stress can strike whether you’re at college or university, or still working through high school and the pressure on you to perform well is huge.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/feminine-hygiene/ Feminine Hygiene | Intimate care information from Medinformer - Many factors affect feminine hygiene and can lead to irritation and infection but with correct feminine hygiene and intimate care, these can be prevented.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/fungal-nail-infections/ Fungal Nail Infections | Stay informed with Medinformer - Fungal nail infections spread from nail to nail. Introduce habits to keep nails healthy and prevent fungal nail infections.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/fussy-eaters/ Fussy Eaters | Tips and tricks for parents from Medinformer - Fussy eaters are well-known to most parents who face challenges of their children’s eating habits and wanting to instill healthy eating habits.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/hair-loss/ Hair Loss | Thinning Hair options from Medinformer - Hair loss and thinning hair (alopecia) is a common problem that both men and women experience that go beyond hereditary thinning and male pattern baldness.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/heart-attack-and-stroke/ Heart Attack And Stroke | Stay Informed With Medinformer - Heart attacks and strokes are among the common diseases of the heart and blood vessels, collectively termed cardiovascular disease.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/heartburn-and-ulcers/ Heartburn and Ulcers | Symptoms | Causes | Treatment - Heartburn and ulcers worsen when stomach acid flows back up from your stomach and irritates the lining of your food pipe (esophagus).
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/heart-health/ heart health brought to you by Medinformer Health - Below are some of the important health areas that can impact your heart health. Take a closer look at these medically referenced brochures ...
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/hypertension/ Hypertension | High Blood Pressure | The Silent Killer - Hypertension is the state of elevated blood pressure over an extended period of time. Blood pressure rises and falls during the day.
  • http://www.medinformer.co.za/health_subjects/insomnia/ Insomnia | Acute Insomnia | Chronic Insomnia | Medinformer - Insomnia affects roughly 30% of the population worldwide and is characterized by difficulty falling and / or staying asleep.

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  • T. Agredano - Go Organic

    I am in love with this stuff. In the past, I have been an avid user of expensive face care products but what prompted me to switch was turning 30. My skin chemistry changed and nothing was working anymore. I have been using the Acure Organics Argan Oil for two years and I LOVE IT! I purchased it to use as a moisturizer but have enjoyed other benefits as well.My skin has filled fine lines in and my sunspots have almost disappeared(I had some very dark ones). The oil is very heavy so I recommend using an organic facial lotion as a carrier substance so you can adjust how much your skin can absorb.

  • Jeff - Definitely worth it!

    This came in very handy on our recent trip to Iceland. The maps were fantastic and we relied on them much more than I expected. History and accommodations on the upcoming towns and villages was helpful. I definitely recommend picking this book up, and I plan to do so for every new place I visit that they have a guide for.

  • Amazon Customer - Started off as a great piece of machinery but all only a hundred board ...

    Started off as a great piece of machinery but all only a hundred board foot or so I had a board kick right out and the cutter head had damage done to it. Nothing major just a bent blade and blade guard called a GiB. I tried to order new pieces but. Couldn't order the option wasn't available to buy most pieces even though all parts have labels and part numbers. No one would return emails or phone calls about ordering replacement parts. I won't order from them again till this issue is resolved. Its been a fees months and still no word

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