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  • Amazon Customer - Love my new bike for the new year

    I am enjoying this bike. Heavy but fairly easy to put together. 2 people WD make it easer. Well worth the $. I like having options w legs and arms.

  • rcbuzzby - If you liked 2003 or liked 2007 you'll HATE this version!!!!

    If you have lots of time to waste for a complete change in your office software, upgrade to this. Nothing but down hill with this software. OMG this is bad. Can't transfer in your old 2003 pst file backups and your forced into a complete learning curve that I'm sure everyone has time for??? The tools take up 40% of the viewable screen. Ruined my whole email, calendar and contacts experience that we depended on. Customer support seems to want to help me with these issues but I HAVE NO TIME for all this. I sure hope the M.S. engineer that signed off on this got fired!!!

  • Candace Thie - Great way to organize all those coins laying around in drawers.

    My friend was very excited to get this book. She's a total amatuer collector but it makes her feel lie more of a pro having a place to store and exhibit her collection.

  • moonkaolee - Works well for oily chin

    I enjoy this cream the most of all the acne cream I tried. This is a great acne product for my oily acne-prone chin. I use it day and night. After 1 week I noticed the reduction of acne and the size of the cyst-like ones has reduced dramatically. The plus is that my cyst-like acne doesn't hurt.

  • Ransomed - No orange color

    This is a beautiful shawl. I'm just letting buyers know that the reverse side of this olive colored shawl IS NOT the orange color you see on the folded back edge on the woman in the picture. It is an off white, pale tan color. You will be disappointed if you think you're getting a green and orange pashmina. There is orange only on the border design but not on the reverse of the green.

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