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Meyer Najem - Indiana Based Construction Management Firm Since 1987Meyer Najem - Meyer Najem is an Indiana based construction management firm specializing in a multitude of markets across the Midwest since 1987.

  • http://www.meyer-najem.com/meyer-najem-awarded-56m-leed-silver-healthcare-center/ Meyer Najem Awarded $56M LEED Silver Healthcare Center - Meyer NajemMeyer Najem - Meyer Najem has been awarded the construction contract of a $56 million LEED Silver Healthcare Center by U.S. Federal Properties (USFP) to be built in Tallahassee, Florida. This is the third project awarded to the team consisting of USFP, Hoefer Wysocki Architects and Meyer Najem. The 194,000-square-foot project will commence in Spring 2014 with an expected completion of Spring 2015.
  • http://www.meyer-najem.com/meyer-najem-has-been-awarded-the-new-kokomo-baseball-stadium/ Meyer Najem has been Awarded the New Kokomo Baseball Stadium - Meyer NajemMeyer Najem - Meyer Najem has been awarded the construction management of a significant new $11.5 million redevelopment effort in downtown Kokomo, Indiana. The new downtown development will address the flood prone area along the Wildcat Creek by directing $2.5 million in flood mitigation efforts to repurpose the site for the stadium.
  • http://www.meyer-najem.com/constructionsafety-compliance/ Construction Safety & Compliance - Meyer NajemMeyer Najem - Meyer Najem's Safety & Compliance standards have resulted in no State, Federal, OSHA, EPA, or Labor violations. We are a MICCS Certified company meaning we fall within the top tier of pre-qualified contractors.
  • http://www.meyer-najem.com/executiveteam/ Meyer Najem Construction Management Executive Team IndianaMeyer Najem - Meyer Najem's executive team consists of: Karl Meyer, Anthony Najem, Tim Russell, Sam Mishelow, Toby Holcomb, Rob Lawyer, Tom Peck, Kevin McGovern, Traci Hardin, Chris McCracken and Matt Weaver.
  • http://www.meyer-najem.com/about-us/news/ In The News - Meyer NajemMeyer Najem - In the News - Meyer Najem voted Top Workplace. Meyer Najem wins 4 ABC Awards. Meyer Najem wins Coveted Crystal Eagle Award. Meyer Najem Assumes the LEED and Takes the Gold for the Community Hospital South Emergency Department Addition & Renovation Projecth.
  • http://www.meyer-najem.com/employment-opportunities/ Employment Opportunities - Meyer NajemMeyer Najem - Meyer Najem is always looking for talented individuals. If you’d like to submit your resume, please send it to [email protected].

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  • Steve Minden - Get the big one.

    It doesn't import as much light as I had expected. We tried to light the top of a dark stairway - a 200 sq foot area. I recommend you see a finished installation before committing. Wish I had gone with the larger light. Also the light comes in as very blue if you don't filter it. For a filter, google; "gam 435, ivory". Installed, I paid $800 - it took two hours.

  • Jackson - DOES NOT WORK!!

    I have been taking this product for 6 mos. and saw no results just more hair loss. Don't bother. All the results an their website have to be scams.

  • Jaclyn Berube - When I called to cancel it was not easy. The lady I spoke with in customer service ...

    I tried using Meaningful Beauty but I had an allergic reaction to it. When I called to cancel it was not easy. The lady I spoke with in customer service was very rude and continued to ask questions after I told her I didn't want to answer anymore questions. I was on the phone for a long time trying to cancel, eventually when I grew sick of answering all the questions about each product I was given a reference number and she hung up on me. I tried to call back but it disconnects when I enter my number now. It's unfortunate that what may be a good product for others is ruined by the awful customer service department.

  • Karen Crockett - sucks for pet hair on floors

    After spending an hour or more reviewing vacs online in Nov. 2011, I thought this one would be good for our house with all laminate floors or tile, maybe 1500 sq ft at most--with our new addition of a Border Collie Mix. I must have gotten this erroneous idea from another poster who wrote how great it was for pet hair. Perhaps he meant on carpet. I can say after using the thing for 3 months, 3x/week, for floors, the hair quickly sticks to the cloth-like perimeter of the vac and to the brush bristles and sits there or gets tied up in the bristles. You leave the brush off when using it on floors. I have to walk the vacuum over to a trash can and pull/brush the hair off the bottom of the vac after maybe 300 sq ft of laminate. My dog's hair is about 1-2 inches long.

  • R. Vern - Good book to read on the plane

    My expectation went up after reading Gilbert's reasons for picking these short stories,but after reading several of these, I was somewhat disappointed, they were interesting travel storeis, but I wasn't touched by them as much as I thought I'd be, or Gilbert thought the readers would be.

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