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Ambulatory Infusion Pumps Pump Systems Administration Sets - Small, lightweight ambulatory infusion pump systems for Pain Management PCA PCEA, Parenteral Nutrition, Parkinson’s, Immunotherapy, Thalassemia and other infusion therapies

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  • J. C - Feels more like work than a game

    I've played Diablo 1 and 2. Now that I have had over 300 hours of gaming in Diablo 3, I have to say this game is not good at all.

  • Crystal Higginbotham - BUY NOW! I KEEP A SURPLUS HANDY!

    This product is amazing! I use it in conjunction with Sports Research 5000mcg biotin hair skin and nails with coconut oil soft gels. The recommended dose is one ounce daily or two capfuls....be advised...two capfuls equals two ounces, not one, so taking two will yield a 16 day supply, which is a bit pricey. Regardless of price I have been taking an ounce upon awakening, then, another ounce before bedtime. I usually mix in with fruit juice, but I notice a jolt of energy when just mixed with water. I also take a women's multi daily and at least one serving of Great Lakes Beef Kosher Gelatin (orange can), mixed in with grits or oatmeal, just to boost my collagen and protein for healthy hair growth. Also, WATER! WATER! WATER! and plenty fruits and veggies will help accelerate results. I have my own special hair growth protein treatment that I incorporate weekly with the supplementation, and I also make my own natural shampoos, oils and serums. I'm a biracial 32 yr. old female with hard to grow, fine, transitioning hair. My last relaxer was over a year ago, and, ladies, if you can stand it.....stay away from the chemicals. Relaxers pretty much break down your hair cuticle structure and that's so hard to restore back to normal! I wash, wet set, and air dry......no heat as long as I can take it. Great results with Nzuri so I'll continue taking two ounces daily for 3 months, then will reduce to one ounce daily afterwards. The best hair supplement thus far on my type of hair. Everything with consistency is key!!

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