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Midwest Cancer Alliance - The Midwest Cancer Alliance (MCA) is a network of hospitals, physicians groups, and cancer support and patient advocacy organizations across Kansas and western Missouri.

Country:, North America, US

City: -94.6275 Kansas, United States

  • P. Rudy - Does Intuit Work Day and Night to dream up new ways for customers to hate it?

    They must. Decent accounting program that everyone knows about, yet each year, they work harder and harder to get more of your money and to piss you off.

  • Colleen Moonen - A simple test to see if this book will help you.

    The theory in this book is that most people have too little stomach acid and that antacids not only do not help you but they make the problem much worse. So here is a simple test to try if you want to see if you have too little stomach acid. The next time you feel the need for an antacid mix 2 parts standard vinegar with 1 part honey. Then take two tablespoons. If you have too little acid the vinegar will help and you will feel better. If you get worse than you probably have too much acid and you can go ahead and take your antacids. I now keep a bottle of this vile mix in my fridge and I no longer take antacids. It is nasty to take but it works like a charm, every time! If you find out you have too little acid then you should buy this book immediately and read it cover to cover. They suggest using lemon juice at meal times to help replace the acid you need. Much better than taking vinegar too! There is so much good information in here that you do not want to miss it.

  • C21Jen - Trust Me, You Want This Smoothing Cream!

    TIGI Bed Head After the Party Smoothing Cream: Love, love, LOVE this smoothing cream! Since a surgery a few years ago, my hair has had some changes. It has been growing in scraggly in just one section. My hairdresser has done as much as she can with scissors. She recommended this product, and it has been amazing! It has helped to smooth out that crazy section as well as made my hair feel soft yet supple. It also has a soft sheen that looks very natural. The best part is, it doesn't feel heavy or weighed down. Oh, and it smells really good, not like a strong, over powering perfume, but light and fresh. I use this product daily and have not experienced build up on my hair. My hair is fine and fly away without this product. I did not receive a discount for this honest review.

  • Raja S - I drink this every night before going to sleep and ...

    I drink this every night before going to sleep and as promised I never feel bloated or heavy afterwards.

  • Keri - My kids love these seats

    My kids love these seats!! So easy to move all around the house. They use them for eating around our low coffee table, reading in front of the fireplace or while playing board games! Even comfortable for adults to use! We have three and I want more!

  • Hannah R - This mostly tastes like your typical detox tea -- kinda herbal and grassy

    This mostly tastes like your typical detox tea -- kinda herbal and grassy, but then it's followed by this beautiful rosewater flavor that I adore. It's too bad there are only 14 pyramid sachets; I wish they had done a loose leaf blend because it would have lasted a lot longer. I've been making it a point to drink a lot of tea and take up intermittent fasting (I only eat within a 6-8 hour window of the day) and I've lost a few pounds since I started. I drink this and other teas in the interim.

  • Tiffany - MAGIC POTION

    I've suffered with Anxiety for 11 years. I was on Anxiety medication but they didn't help and I didn't want to depend on medication to cope with daily living. I was desperate for help. I looking for natural ways. I tried marijuana but it made my anxiety worst. I was at Walmart, in the Tea section and came across this Brand of Tea. I was like "heck with it,lets try it out!" That night I used two tea bags,my anxiety went away within 15 minutes and I fell right to sleep. At first it made me feel high and I didn't realize what caused it. But This Tea is a miracle. I do two bags in the morning and two at night. I feel like a new person! you get the weed high without the inhaling or the anxiety. Very relaxed,happy,and enjoy life finally. Thank You Yogi. ♡

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