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  • Yung - good product if you understand its limitation

    At a glance- good value, good motivation, function is limited but great product if make good use of it.

  • Mila - Have you ever tasted it yourself???

    My nearly 10 lb newborn was completely breasfed up until 2.5 months. Than I noticed that I started to produce less milk and needed something to supplement my baby while I was going through "milk crisis". Since Enfamil sent us a sample can of "Enfamil Premium Newborn" I decided to give it a try. My baby was making faces and spitting up, screaming, and was ready to starve, but wouldn't take this formula. I tried it myself (yes, I try everything I give to my baby) it has a strange metal taste (probably because of Iron??) But, yes, it taste nasty, I was ready to throw up myself. We tried Similac and it worked better for us.

  • Doctor Time - Even with all the problems recently,,,,,I still love it

    I have been doing NetFlix for at least ten years, and even with all there shooting themselves in the foot recently, I still love the way they take care of their customers. Last week my next in the que movie wasn't available locally so an e-mail told me they were rushing another movie from their local warehouse for me to enjoy till my desired one came from across the county. Great customer service.

  • Jet Guerrero - Catapult is OK but could have been designed better.

    I bought the SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Machine for my brother back home who is an avid baseball player. I think the minor flaw of this machine is that it is too low and pitches too low. The pitches hardly reach my son's knees. My son is 5' 9''. Maybe this can be solved by putting wooden blocks under it but a better design would have been making the stilts just a little bit higher, maybe 3 inches higher. But don't get me wrong we enjoyed it. My son enjoyed hitting real baseballs because he enjoys the "ting" sound it makes when he connects, I would give this machine a 3 star rating because it uses real baseballs. Thats the plus side but it could be improved. Like I said longer stilts and its okay, a five star for me. Just extend the stilts.

  • Heather - Great!

    It only took about 10 minutes of easy installation (and that's only because I can't quite reach my roof). All you have to do to assemble is pop the existing caps covering the screw holes off of the edge rails and screw the crossbars on. Super easy, I can't wait to haul stuff on my roof.

  • Melissa P - Great lightweight pedals for the price

    I received the pedals quickly and without damage. The original platform pedals that came with my Giant Mountain Bike were a combination of resin centers with a metal outer cage and cro-moly shafts. The pedals were OK but as I pushed the bike more and more, the pedals seemed to flex a little under my weight (200) and I needed a stronger pedal for safety. These Imrider pedals are great for the money! They are lightweight and the screw foot pegs bite into my trail shoes I wear when biking for a secure feel. The pedals are just as wide as my original pedals (standard width), but more of your foot "length" is supported by the Imrider pedals. Just remember, if you ever have to get off your bike to walk it a bit, there's a chance that you can brush your calf up against a pedal and the screw foot pegs really take a bite out of exposed soft skin. Other than that, these pedals are great for someone who wants to still keep their mountain bike with platform pedals. It's best to have a very thin 15mm wrench when assembling these pedals to your bike and some light grease. A standard Crescent wrench is just too thick. So are most box end wrenches. If you don't know anyone with a regular pedal wrench to borrow, it's best to buy an inexpensive 15mm open end wrench and grind it down thin so you can get it on the pedal flats between the pedal and the crank. I received these at a discount for an unbiased review

  • Mother - Great Stroller

    Lightweight and very easy to open. Will be using for air travel as well. If you are tall the handles are higher than on most strollers which is a definite plus. Very happy with this purchase.

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