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Mind over Meniere's | - If you suffer from Meniere's Disease, there is hope! Mind over Meniere's is an exploration of treatment strategies that work.

  • http://www.mindovermenieres.com/month-of-setbacks-and-stress/#respond A Month of Major Setbacks and Stress | Mind over Meniere's - It’s been a tough month. I've had to shut down my business of six years and have faced challenging setbacks with my health. But I do have some good news!
  • http://www.mindovermenieres.com/menieres-disease-something-i-have/#comments Meniere's Disease: It's Something I Have, Not Something I Am - I recently had the chance to connect with Joe Zavala, an award winning journalist who suffers from Meniere's disease. This is his story.
  • http://www.mindovermenieres.com/journey-with-menieres-disease/#comments My Journey with Meniere's Disease: A Special Presentation - I recently had the opportunity to give a presentation on Meniere's disease to a group of college students studying to be physical therapy assistants.

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  • Soterik - Very, Very good and complete

    This is everything you need to make your will. Plus healthcare directive, living will, etc. It is all here. Very thorough. It asks you all the pertinent questions; more than the attorney your paying by the hour would ask. Highly recommended.

  • Ryker - It works but use caution

    I was super excited when I saw this product bc I tend to use NyQuil as a sleep aid but hate all the extra medicine I'm taking. So I tried this for the first time last night and took the recommended dose. I fell right to sleep but woke up 5 hours later naked, sprawled at the end of my side of the bed, and with no covers on. I have no idea how any of this happened. My husband is a deep sleeper and said he didn't hear anything. I guess I must have been sleepwalking and striping. From now on I will try half a dose and see how it goes. I recommend that if its your first time take half just in case.

  • heather hamilton - I love everything about it

    I've been using this shampoo for around two months, I love everything about it. The smell, the way my hair feels. Along with other methods for hair growth, my hair has grown five inches in under two months.

  • J.M.L. - Made Things WORSE.

    I've used almost the entire bottle of this over several weeks. Not only did it not get rid of fleas in the house or on the cats, it seemingly made the flea problem worse. In the time I waited for it to work, more and more fleas hatched. Now I have an infestation.

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