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Bienvenido a Moli | Productos Naturales - Tiendas moli, especializadas en productos naturales, medicina homeopática, productos con aloe vera y vitamina e.

  • http://www.molinatural.com/quienes-somos/historia Historia Nosotros | Moli - Productos Naturales - En esa época el naturismo estaba empezando a dar sus primeros pasos en Colombia, y MOLI entró al mercado, contribuyendo con la expansión de este sector y ofreciendo a nuestros primeros clientes productos que fueran confiables y de excelente calidad.
  • http://www.molinatural.com/quienes-somos/mision-y-vision Misión | Moli - Productos Naturales - Somos una empresa comercializadora de productos naturales, homeopáticos, esencias florales, suplementos dietarios y cosméticos naturales, a través de venta al por mayor y al detal.
  • http://www.molinatural.com/quienes-somos/vision Visión | Moli - Productos Naturales - Ser reconocidos en el mercado como el mejor lugar para comprar productos naturales, homeopáticos, suplementos dietarios y cosméticos naturales, por brindar un servicio excelente y confiable, productos de alta calidad y precios justos.

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  • J. Brown - Needs Instructions and Part Numbers

    Instructions would have been nice. However, I found links to instructions over at LanderFan. These installed fairly easily until a part broke. This is where instructions with labeled parts would have been handy. Then there was a breakdown in communication because English is not the seller's native language. A few pictures and rounds of email got the clip sent in the mail.

  • Vivster - Super Product

    The Design Essentials moisturizing conditioner is what the doctor ordered for my hair. Transtioning from relaxed to natural hair has definitely been easy. My hair is easy to manage and I love the tickling sensation my scalp has during the conditioning. My hair is manageable and soft.

  • VA Reader - Shiny but warped

    As noted by other reviewers, these warp badly -- pretty much anything over 350 degrees, and even 350 is dicey. Not necessarily a problem if you are only using for cookies, but not useful for anything else!

  • L. Garnett - ZetaClear

    Zetaclear does not work at all. I used it for 8 months and no effect. This is a total waste of money and you get only a portion of your money back if you try to return it.

  • Bruce - I bought a 40' Seiki TV last year at a BrandsMart Black Friday Special and like it so far

    I am a owner of a 40" TV since November of 2012 when my 14 year old Toshiba TV bit the dust so it just so happened it was around Thanksgiving of 2012, so I started to look for new TV's. But I didn't have much money since I had only gone back to work earlier in that year. I got every Black Friday ad, including Walmart's, Best Buy and Brandsmart. Amazon didn't really have anything in my price range (which was under $200) but both Best Buy and Brandsmart had two different TV's that we in that price range.

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