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Momentum Magazine Online | The Magazine of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Momentum Magazine, the award-winning magazine of the National MS Society, includes articles about living with MS, expert opinion from MS specialists, and reports on current events, MS activism and recent advances in MS research.

  • http://www.momentummagazineonline.com/pregnancy/ Pregnancy and MS - Momentum Magazine Online - People with MS are often concerned about whether it’s safe for them to become pregnant. If you are considering having a baby, here’s what you need to know.
  • http://www.momentummagazineonline.com/a-chance-to-dance/ A chance to dance - Momentum Magazine Online - People with MS who engage in dance may show improvements in mobility, endurance, coordination, energy and cognition. The social benefits add to the appeal.
  • http://www.momentummagazineonline.com/forging-new-pathways-brain/ Forging new pathways in the brain - Momentum Magazine Online - With its ability to constantly adjust and reorganize, the brain can make new neural connections to recover or compensate for functions damaged by MS.
  • http://www.momentummagazineonline.com/defeating-foot-drop/ Defeating foot drop - Momentum Magazine Online - Foot drop makes it hard to walk, especially on curbs, stairs and uneven surfaces. But numerous treatments are available for almost any lifestyle.
  • http://www.momentummagazineonline.com/ms-classifications-revised/ MS classifications revised - Momentum Magazine Online - The descriptions of the courses that MS can take have been revised. This can help people understand what is happening over time with their disease.
  • http://www.momentummagazineonline.com/lifestyle-choices-affect-ms/ Do lifestyle choices affect MS? - Momentum Magazine Online - Individuals can implement several lifestyle habits to reduce their risk of MS progression—or the risk of developing the disease in the first place.
  • http://www.momentummagazineonline.com/fda-approves-zinbryta-treat-relapsing-forms-ms/ FDA approves Zinbryta to treat relapsing forms of MS - Momentum Magazine Online - Zinbryta (daclizumab) has been approved by the FDA to treat relapsing MS in people who have had an inadequate response to two or more MS therapies.
  • http://www.momentummagazineonline.com/volunteering-changes-lives/ Volunteering changes lives - Momentum Magazine Online - Each year, about 500,000 people volunteer with the Society in a variety of ways. Many find that giving their time provides a special kind of fulfillment.
  • http://www.momentummagazineonline.com/a-yogi-with-ms/ A yogi with MS - Momentum Magazine Online - One woman living with MS describes how yoga has improved her outlook on life, along with her physical and emotional health.
  • http://www.momentummagazineonline.com/society-scholarships-help-fulfill-dreams/ Society scholarships help fulfill dreams - Momentum Magazine Online - In 2016, the National MS Society’s scholarship program awarded more than $1 million to scholars nationwide, helping them to achieve their education dreams.
  • http://www.momentummagazineonline.com/hiking-pine-barrens-ms/ Hiking the Pine Barrens for MS - Momentum Magazine Online - Driven by her love of the outdoors and a desire to raise funds for MS research, Rachel Bunting attempted to hike the 50-mile Batona Trail.
  • http://www.momentummagazineonline.com/seeing-the-light/ Seeing the light - Momentum Magazine Online - A woman living with MS finds ways to continue pursuing her passion as an artist.
  • http://www.momentummagazineonline.com/creating-community-2/ Creating community - Momentum Magazine Online - Our people power comes from approximately 500,000 volunteers nationwide, who are at the heart of achieving progress.

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  • Sheila Stunkard - Creepy, suspenseful , keeps you guessing

    Imagine someone trying to drive you crazy and scare you half to death. Who is it? Why are people around you being hurt or disappearing? Questions and suspicions abound.

  • Bennett Barouch - Dead simple, works

    Unscrew the old one and screw in this one. Nothing to it. Looks good. I don't use the radio much, but it seems to have good reception. I got this to make it easier to use a car cover and I am pleased that it is even smaller than I had pictured.

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