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The Malaysian Organisation of Pharmaceutical Industries - The Malaysian Organisation of Pharmaceutical Industries (MOPI) was incorporated on March 6th 1981, as a company limited by guarantee, by eight local, foreign and joint venture companies involved in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products.

Country:, Asia, MY

City: 112.5 , Malaysia

  • Wilfred - Who needs wax?

    I own 2 vehicles (2003 and 2004)that have never been waxed. I simply wash them with Zip Wax Car Wash every 2 weeks and their finishes look almost new.

  • Usually Happy - OK, but overpriced

    The mats are Ok, and fit fairly well. The biggest problem with fit is that they don't cover high enough and the mud and dirt from your shoes get underneath the top of the liners. Aside from that - OK, but over priced. We had to buy another set of front floor mats from a local retailer to place under these liners in order to keep the carpet clean.

  • ADMIRAL - I enjoy well written Science fiction books and Earth Alone and ...

    Earth Rising is the third book of a series - Earth Lost - Earth Alone and ? I enjoy well written Science fiction books and Earth Alone and Earth Lost are four star books. Earth Rising was good for the most part but a predictable and poor ending. It killed my desire to read book #4 in the series. If you like science fiction I recommend book 1 and 2. You may not be as disappointed in book 2 as I was but no way am I going to travel to #4.

  • Grandma - Wonderful

    Found out about this product from a book written by a doctor and the name of the book is; The High Blood Pressure Hoax. This product is one of several other supplements I found mentioned in this book and has gotten me completely off medication for hypertension.

  • P. Hansen - Choosing a University or College made easy.

    After lots of research on this Guide, I decided on the Fiske Version. Not only all the Universities and Colleges up to date, but how to apply...how to create an Application Letter and write an essay...This is the go to book ......I bought it for my granddaughter, who is a Junior in High School, but trying to decide where to go.

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