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Home - Susan Frailey's New Book - More Alive Now - More Alive Now is a mindset, a new way of life, a simple approach to healthy, joyful living and longevity with innovative nutritional and lifestyle tools.

  • http://www.morealivenow.com/about-the-author/meet-susan/ More Alive Now by Susan Frailey RN BSN CGRN - Author Susan Frailey is certified by the American Board of Certification for Gastroenterology Nurses, and has been a practicing registered nurse since 1984.
  • http://www.morealivenow.com/about-the-author/susans-story/ Susan's Story - Susan Frailey's New Book - More Alive Now - My interest in health and nutrition has innately been a part of my life since high school, but my serious interest came after having my child. Diagnosed
  • http://www.morealivenow.com/about-the-author/speaking-availability/ Speaking Availability - Susan Frailey's New Book - More Alive Now - As a pioneer in the art of nutrition and healthy living, Susan conducts lectures and workshops about More Alive Now, her revolutionary approach to achieve optimal health and well-being with innovative nutritional tools and body cleanses that make sense, are easy to follow, and will last a lifetime.
  • http://www.morealivenow.com/nutrition/more-alive-now-pyramid/ More Alive Now Pyramid - Susan Frailey's New Book - More Alive Now - The new More Alive Now Food Pyramid includes the essential life-giving nutrients missing from the outdated FDA pyramid.
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  • http://www.morealivenow.com/nutrition/ph-balance/ pH Balance - Susan Frailey's New Book - More Alive Now - Harness the pH power of More Alive Now probiotic foods and beverages, enzymes, essentials fats, and minerals to immediately improve your health and well-being along the living spiral.
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  • James - Absolutely fantastic for our three dachshunds

    Absolutely fantastic for our three dachshunds! They took to it quickly, and spend much time in it all together, alone, or in pairs. They spend most days in the backyard, and now are happy coming in a couple of hours later than before they had the house. Very sturdy and roomy house...could not be more happy with it!

  • GG08 - 1st Aid

    Great exam prep source. Well written but this edition did have multiple errors. Keep an eye out for errors and absorb information to help prepare for a pre course and the STEP 1 exam.

  • s. herr - They seem to fit nicely, at first

    We ordered your mats for our 2010 Dodge Ram truck extended cab. The back mat (one piece) does not fit...there is absolutely no way to get the mat in and onto the floor as it is way too big, especially in the middle. We checked and the Ram only has one type of extended cab so we know it was ordered correctly. We still decided to put in the front because that's the area mostly used. They seem to fit nicely, at first. Now a few months later they are curling up on the edges. I cannot believe the lack of quality of this product. And the fact that they say "Digitalfit" and the back cannot be inserted is unacceptable. I had tried to call to talk to someone in customer service to help us figure out how to insert the back mats. But because I didn't have the order number I could not be helped.

  • Elizabeth - Take a hike, absolutely

    My son recently moved to Washington state where, whenever free time is available to him he takes a hike or enjoys climbing so I thought what a nice gift it would make and that it did.

  • cs211 - Sub-par year

    A selling point of the Best American anthology series is that a guest editor makes the final selection of pieces from a larger pool that has been winnowed down from all submissions by the permanent series editor. Quite often the selected works do indeed mirror the guest editor's interests, style, genre, and political and world views. Given that, I braced myself to be less-than-thrilled with the 2010 Best American Short Stories volume, since the guest editor is Richard Russo. I did not care for Russo's supposed masterpiece "Empire Falls", and couldn't understand what the Pulitzer judges saw in it when they awarded it the Pulitzer Prize. To me, "Empire Falls" never made any grand observations or statements about the human condition and was nothing more than a chronicle of fairly trivial lives being led by downtrodden inhabitants of a city in decline.

  • Meg Johnston - 3 Generations Love BioSilk

    Works great on long and short hair. Leaves hair tangle free, soft, and shiny. After I run my fingers through my hair to spread the BioSilk, I rub any remaining on the backs of my hands -- it keeps them healthy, hydrated, and looking much younger than 57 years old. Both my daughter and daughter-in-law use BioSilk on their daughters' long hair and wouldn't be without it!

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