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  • Whitney Hill - Don't trust a fart.

    I took this product and felt it working within 15 min. It works, just too fast for me! The third day was... Rapid and uncontrollable. Don't trust a fart while using this. I have taken Renew Life first cleanse and had great results, slower and more trustworthy. I gave it 3 stars because I believe it works, maybe a little well for me.

  • Matt Wheeler - Confusing Math Section

    I am not done with the book, but I am not liking the math section so far. I am finding myself stumped on a lot of these example problems. I need more guidance I guess. They start off with the very basics of the concept with some examples questions. Then, they throw much harder versions of the problems that they call "nightmare problems". I'm getting many of these wrong and there are no explanations for them just the answer key. I can go back and reread the section, but it is no help. I am starting to feel like I am wasting my time reading this.

  • BB 179 - Great resource for anyone considering solo practice

    Solo by Choice is an excellent starting point for anyone who is thinking about opening their own practice, as well as those who already have their own practice but are looking for ways to improve. The book honestly and straightforwardly addresses both the pros and cons of having your own office, and helps the reader assess whether this is the right choice. There is a very practical, nuts and bolts approach covering what you need to do to start a practice, options such as a virtual office, transitioning from your current job, getting clients and dealing with them once you have them, complying with professional responsibility requirements and avoiding ethical issues, ways of making money while building up your client base, fee structures and fee agreements, and much more. One invaluable resource is the twelve month "task timeline" for laying the ground work for your practice. Also particularly helpful is the detailed section on online marketing and social media. The author notably provides specifics throughout on low and no cost options for marketing, legal research, office software, and training, to help the reader keep overhead low.

  • Katie - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

    This product works great!!! I use it on my bikini line to ward off ingrown hairs. My husband uses it on his neck for the same reason. We both love it. All the complaints about the smell make it seem like you are going to stink if you use this. That is not the case. Compare it to using rubbing alcohol to clean a cut, once it drys you can't smell it. Same thing with this product. I would recommed this to anyone & everyone.

  • Ryan Browning - Wonderful product.

    This is the only product I use now after getting fresh ink and for continued care. I was introduced to this product a few years ago and I've never looked back. Best used as soon as the tattoo has scabbed and a small amount rubbed gently into the skin every time it starts to feel dry really helps to "set" everything.

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