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Precision Aesthetics - Like a duckling sheds its mottled feathers, the professionals at Precision Aesthetics will help shed your skin imperfections and discover the beautiful, majestic Swan inside you. Services include body contouring, botox, chemical peels, hair removal and much more.

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  • coolwizkid - Bright (when charged) and good motion sensing lights

    I have a manual electric lights near my garage door and wanted to have an motion sensor lights. Found these and I must say these are really good and bright lights. Here below I have mentioned my findings in the form of PROS and CONS. Hope this helps you figure if this product is best for your.

  • Kimberley DelFino - For The NFL Fanatic!!!!

    I bought these NFL Stickers for my husband since he already has the Panini 2015 NFL Sticker Album. The set consists of a total of 10 individually sealed packs. The packs are sealed individually. The packs contain 7 stickers and are full glossy color. The stickers list the player's name and team, the player's name and special honor. With such a huge assortment of stickers that come in this collection, you can easily complete a lot of the team pages rather quickly. My husband is a NFL fanatic, this set of stickers will keep him busy for awhile. I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Pablo Gubert - Good trade off

    You will never find anything better under $500. Light and smooth. But the gear is a little tricky to adjust.

  • Monnikka - dont buy this in malls! they'll rip u off ...

    dont buy this in malls! they'll rip u off! so much cheaper on amazon! and it works really well for me

  • Kathy Warner - Great product! After years of bating for squirrels with ...

    Great product! After years of bating for squirrels with no success and losing most of the fruit on our trees we tried the trap. The first day we got 6 squirrels and by the end of the week we were done. It works.

  • Martin Asiner - Some Good Advice Surrounded by Hype

    Whenever a new miracle wonder drug hits the market, the result is usally a wave of books written by pseudo-experts or health care professionals with a financial axe to grind. It is rare to find an objective and understandable text for the layman that outlines this new wonder drug's plusses and minuses. In the case of GROW YOUNG WITH HGH, Dr. Ronald Klatz has written a text that falls somewhere between the two. Much of Dr. Klatz's opinion is based on results that were obtained by the painful and expensive method of injecting HGH directly into the bloodstream. Those who had the tolerance for discomfort and high cost usually obtained impressive gains. No small wonder here, since the HGH injected was far more potent than what is available on the internet without prescription. Further, these recipients received their doses under a doctor's care. The problem with non-prescription HGH is that it is nowhere as potent as that delivered via injection. Additionally, the fact that those who buy HGH on the internet are not particularly well-versed on exactly what they are ingesting. In defense of Dr.Klatz, he makes these very points, even if in so doing, he still manages to disguise this warning under a heavy blanket of hype and blurb.

  • Zboatman - Extremely Reliable

    I have been using this everyday for the last three months and it works like a champ. I really enjoy the single serving aspect for the morning breakfast shake. Highly recommend this unit it has worked flawlessly for me.

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