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  • Osvaldo Gutierrez - The size is not correct

    It doesn't fit to the hitch, I measure before I bought it and it is thicker that it says, I have it in the plastic no luck...:(

  • Aakash Arora - Buyer beware

    Just bought a new 2016 Honda Accord Sport a week ago. This car has a known defect, still Honda continues to sell it. There is very annoying and tiring vibration when you are stopped on a red light or stuck in traffic. You can feel the vibration in the driver and passenger seats as well as in the steering wheel. Search for "2016 Honda Accord Sport vibration" in google and youtube to see what the defect looks like. Dealer told me this is a known defect and Honda doesnt have a fix. They also let me drive other 2016 accord sport vehicles and all of them had this defect. From what I have read all Honda 4 cylinder earth dream engines have this issue.

  • Rosie11* - Love my dealer at Rte 44 Toyota and my salesman ...

    I bought the red SE edition and other than all the computerized options, I can't say enough about it. I wanted something smaller than my Equinox but not a clown suv. This fits the bill and is so sporty. Love my dealer at Rte 44 Toyota and my salesman Ben. This is my retirement car and can't wait.

  • Mari605 - didn't give me much of a boost

    I was looking for a thermo that would be as good as OxyElite Pro which I had cycled off of for a month previous. This gave me a bit of a kick but it also gave me incredible reflux. About 20 minutes after taking it I felt as If a molotov cocktail exploded in my stomach. I guess taking with a meal might yield a better outcome? Anyone else have the same reaction?

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