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The National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws (NAMSDL) - NAMSDL is a resource for governors, state legislators, attorneys general, local prosecutors, drug and alcohol professionals, health professionals, community leaders, the recovering community, and others striving for comprehensive and effective state drug and alcohol laws, policies, regulations and programs.

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  • Straighttalk user - Pretty good

    I have had this phone for about 3 weeks and everything on it is what to be expected. Ok, the battery life is not great, but if you are looking for that in a phone, you probably should go with the new razors. Another thing is that I can't find accessories to fit this phone. I have searched Amazon and also called the company that delivered the phone and they said that they don't deal with accessories. I was hoping to get another battery since the life on this one is not great but what are you going to do? The battery for me lasts all day, but I'm not streaming or checking facebook a million times a day. The battery life can be extended by having the auto brightness enabled. The phone is responsive and works well with the StraightTalk plan I purchased. I did have to tweak the internet settings to get picture messaging to work but after that no problems. This phone is good for a general phone user, not one who is a electronic genius. I am not worried about the UI or putting code into the phone or rooting it. I browse the internet, make calls, and texts and I have had no problems with that when I got everything set up for my phone account.

  • Margie Smith - Decent Antivirus

    The product seems to be doing a good job protecting my laptop from viruses. The problem is that my device is old and now runs so slow I hate to even get on the computer. After each use I must completely shut down the computer in order to use it again the next time. Otherwise it does not load and freezes up and must be shut down by powering off and hard stopping it. I would only recommend this product if you have a newer computer that can handle this software.

  • Marshall Wood - A Friend of Medjugorje Fires a Shot and Hits a Bullseye in My Spirit

    Shifted my own paradigm for how I view the world. Was dramatic enough to cause an immediate reordering of my life circumstances and to proceeding with the publishing of my own lengthy manuscript. The basic and most essential ideas in my work were ratified by this much better-written and more articulate volume: the most important and timely treatise to come along in a long time. Ironically, it is by an author(s) with a pseudonym that would not likely attract many Baptists (like me) to it. From my own extensive military and professional background with numerous past and present direct connections to the top levels of government and industry, I recognized devastating truth in the pages of what is now the second most influential book I've ever read. It should be digested by anyone who sincerely claims to understand the essential value of faith, family and free enterprise to our own American culture, as well as to any that have ever existed or which might yet exist in the future. It is very much a niche publication in that only a relatively few people with a specific background will understand the magnitude of what is being said, yet it is a work to which a very broad spectrum of the population should have an exposure - at least one particular assertion made between pages 390 and 400. Be careful if you do read this effort by a most mysterious author. He (or she or they) had the resources and incredible intellect to assemble and then wisely interpret events that had only happened in the very recent past. That is a clue to how important someone thought this information to be. This lengthy book rocked my world. M. Wood

  • Mikey53 - Pretty good editor

    Though I think the product has somewhat suffered from too many functions and too little vetting over the last 12 - 14 years, it is still a very good product for the price. Some of the basic functions are not really up to reasonable standards (i.e. cut and paste from downloads) but i would still recommend it highly.

  • ermajo - Love This Program!

    I have been making my own cards for years so this will enable to continue with unlimited choices. It is an easy program to use and the cards are great. You can add your own words and graphics to make it just right for the person who will receive so they know how much you care. It has a great choice of fonts and graphics and being able to e-mail them if you choose is another plus. Everyone compliments my cards and I am enjoying this program very much. It has many more functions too.

  • Christina Miskey - Wouldn't Recommend

    I have been using this book, as well as the 500 Vocabulary word Flashcards and the Math workbook to study for my upcoming GRE exam. After about two months of studying (my test is now about 3 weeks away), I have come to realize that I should have used other study materials and will likely purchase other branded items to finish my studying to ensure a good score on the test.

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